The Missing Aircraft In Siberia: All 17 People On Surviving Planes

According to the Russian emergency ministry, all 17 passengers and crews on the missing AN-28 passenger aircraft in Siberia's Tomsk area are safe after this plane landed emergency 9: 00/0 : 53 South (Document): A Russian AN-28 aircraft. Photo: Sila / VNA 16/7, news agency RIA Novosti quoted the Russian emergency set, said it was found to have a missing AN-28 passenger plane in the Tomberia region of Siberia earlier on the same day. The plane had to land an emergency. All 17 passengers and crew on this aircraft are safe. According to Interfax, when missing, AN-28 aircraft is making flights for Siberian Light Aviation Airlines and is expected to land Tomsk

. The emergency light of the plane has been activated. The job has been less than two weeks after a Russian AN-26 aircraft crashed into a cliff due to poor vision on the Peninsula Kamchatka, the Far East, making All 28 people on the aircraft were killed ./
Ngoc Ha / TTXVN

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