The Mistake Causes Your Hair To Deteriorate

At home for a long time, you can maintain a lot of harmful habits for hair, causing them to fiber, lack of vitality.0: 00/2: 11 male heads with warm water can help remove dirt And grease accumulation but it also takes away natural oil on hair, according to Healthshots. Since then, the hair will dry and lack vitality. Using regular hot water to shampooing also causes hair to become crispy and porous, pores on the skin open to make the hair weaker, easily break. Photo: Vadimguzhva

.Not to the long-term salon is the common problem of many people during the interpretation. Medium hair grows about 1 cm / month. However, this index varies depending on hair type and health status
Short hair should be trimming more often than long hair. Bob and Pixie hairstyles should be trimming 4-6 weeks once. Long and medium hair should be trimming 8-10 weeks once. The trim does not make the hair grow faster, it eliminates the splitting part and keeps the hair healthy. Photo: Read01. Wet hair: Frequent hair comb is one of the causes that make hair easily broken. Wet hair is very weak, so it is vulnerable when there is an impact force. In the event of a hair style right after washing your hair, you should need the support of the sparse tooth comb. Photo: Puhhha. No hair comb: This is the habit of many people at home
According to bustle, comb hair helps distribute oil from hairline to your dry hair. If not brushed, you can see that the hair is easy to dry, tangled. Brush your hair before bathing and going to sleep. Photo: Monkeybusiness. No investment in shampoo: Currently, many shampoos are created with deep nourishment for hair, helping hair softer, minimizing damage. However, some people have a thought of shampoo that should only stop at the use of dirt on the hair. Low-priced products often contain a lot of sulfat and paraben, they make the scalp to protect the scalp and are increasingly weakened, the hair is easy to curly, damaged. Photo: Privetik. Fitness: Besides stress or miserable diet, non-proprietary use also causes brittle hair and tangle. The wild boar comb is very good in distributing oil from the scalp past the hair but can be slightly rough on wet hair. The paddle comb (can with nylon or boar feather) is very good to comb every day. The ventilation comb has gaps through ideal for use when drying. Vents allow air from the dryer to pass through. Round comb is used to style and smooth hair. Photo: Kzenon. Cosmetics at home during the season of how to use all skin care products in a way, you can still do it yourself with easy materials.

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