The Model Is Cheaper Than Kia Morning 2021 Revealed: Filled With Equipment, About Agents For 342 Million

This car model costs only from 342 million VND, cheaper than Kia Morning 2021 that makes it feverishly lover. After being introduced at the Shanghai Automobile Exhibition in April, cheap electric cars byd Dolphin Officially opened for sale in the Chinese market. BYD Dolphin has a starting price of $ 15,000 (VND 342 million) - significantly cheaper than Kia Morning 2021.BYD Dolphin officially on Dolphin AGAGE is built on the new E-platform 3.0 platform and owns size Compact ruler, suitable for moving in the inner city area

. Besides, BYD Dolphin also owns a hybrid style between sedans and crossovers with the appearance of personality, modernity, meeting the standards of young customers.BYD Dolphin has 2 options on PINBYD Dolphin packages page With 2 battery options, including a 30.7 kWh battery cluster with 301 km operating range and 44
9 kWh battery clusters with a range of 405 km. Both of this battery pack options are combined with the 70 kW engine. The interior compartment of BYD Dolphin is more specient, BYD Dolphin is the first BYD model to use the new design language "Marine Aesthetics" with these The rib tendon has softened again. In the Chinese market, BYD Dolphin is distributed with 2 versions of Dynamic and Neat with some differences in the design. BYD Dolphin's tail design, BYD Dolphin Dynamic version has a sporty appearance, more personality Thanks to a large central windscoter on the front bumper. Meanwhile, BYD Dolphin NEAT has a minimalist style with much simpler bumpers. On the tail side, both versions of BYD Dolphin have the words "Build Your Dreams" inside the taille cluster.Byd Dolphin has a cheaper price than Kia Morning 2021khoang byd Dolphin also causes equally impressive Huu design soft, luxurious. This electric car model is cheaper than Kia Morning 2021, which is equipped with an entertainment screen that can rotate or vertically on the surface of the backpack. Other facilities on BYD Dolphin can be mentioned -Spepherms with integrated function keys, digital clock tables with LCD monitors, air-conditioned wind doors with swirling design with wireless smartphone charging

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