The Moderna Director Said The End Of The Covid-19 Translation

Stephane Bancel, Moderna Pharmaceutical Executive Director, said Covid-19 translation may end within the next 1 year, when ensuring the supply of vaccine across the world. If you look at the expansion of the industry's production capacity in the last 6 months, it will be in the middle of the next year, there will be enough vaccines to everyone on this earth. Additional dose number can also be met enough level Essentialness ", Mr. Stephane Bancel told Neue Zuercher Zeitung. He would soon have a vaccine for both babies

. "Non-vaccinated people will automatically immune, because the Delta variant is very contagious. In this way, we will fall into a situation similar to the seasonal flu. You can vaccinate and go through A winter peace, or without vaccination and risk of viral infection, even hospitalized "
When asked if this means that the world will return to normal in the second half next year? , Mr. Bancel replied: "I think this will arrive within a year, from today" .stephane Bancel, CEO Moderna Pharmacy. Photo: CNB hop hopes the governments will soon through additional doses. According to him, due to the addition of additional injections by half compared to the original nose, this means it is necessary to produce more vaccines. "The number of vaccines is the biggest limitation factor. If only injecting half a dose, the world will need 3 billion doses of vaccines next year instead of 2 billion". However, the components in the dose of vaccine -19 Additional moderna this year is still similar to the first 2 doses, because the company does not have enough time to change. "We are clinical trials of optimized vaccines against Delta variations, creating The premise for additional injections in 2022, "Mr. Bancel said
" We are also testing the Vaccine with Delta, the variation that scientists believe can emerge next. "Also, Moderna It is still possible to use existing lines to produce vaccines to deal with new variants of Corona viruses, and their costs will not change.

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