The Moment Builds The Hair When The Lion Roar Threatens The Owner Through The Kitchen Window

The 46-year-old man woke up in the morning and startled when he saw a lion being grumping outside the kitchen in South Africa.0: 00/2: 07 namkhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhare Through kitchen window Dyylan Panos, 46 years old, the executor of the Natural Tour Guide Training Company Bhejane Nature Training in northern Kwazulu Natal, South Africa, preparing to prepare coffee in the morning, discovered eight lions Wandering through his campsite.When approached the window, he noticed a particularly aggressive lion staring over the grid and grumping with him. Family drinking a person's morning coffee Men are interrupted because a gilded lion stands right outside the kitchen's kitchen.Con lion screams, intent his man without intending to move, causing Dylan Panos without any other options In addition to continuing to make coffee

.Video recorded a rare moment that Dylan Panos looked at the roaring lion outside the window and said whether to stay in the kitchen to mix Coffee in the morning or not.Dylan Panos said: "There is a lion looking through the kitchen window, he growled. I just need to get the kettle to make a little coffee is done
Just a few seconds later, the lion growled greater. I intend to only eat turkeys without coffee. What a dilemma "Lion do not near the kitchen window, Panos put the kettle on the gas stove and add:" Okay, I opened the kettle, so we Continue to drink a delicious cup of coffee this morning. I'm not too scared. I was trained to live and work that surrounding these aggressive animals. Even so, I still need to be cautious. Normally, people will never come near the lion mating because they tend to be aggressive. "The lions were outside about an hour before leaving. The house has no fences The Somkhanda Community Reserve Located in the territory is on the territory of ferocious large animals including lions, newspapers, rhinos and elephants.Theo Mr
Dylan Panos, very rare for these animals to appear near the house with a student Living like that. He said: "Around there are many animals like elephants, lions move quite often but rarely they are close to home like this time. Also rarely they are around the human area when mating. But this time we think children take advantage of situations to prevent males from pursuing themselves, it seems that it has other plans and will not be easier discouraged. "

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