The Moment The Girl Ran To The Road To Welcome Her To Collect The Bottle On ‘causing Storm’

A moment is short but it is enough to make everyone who witnesses his heart as heated. People often have sentences: "Rich parents to children - Poor parents are hard-hardened", But even if the family is difficult, how much it is, the feminine do not breathe coal, the feeling. Growing up giving a grateful for the right to raise, grateful to the education of education. To pay attention to the sky, every child should have the right attitude and action. As a short clip spread on social networks today recorded her daughter's filial action for his mother, receiving countless praise

. Then, the clip was account called Mon Min (Tay Ninh) shared, recorded the moment the daughter was heading to wait for her mother to work. Remote, saw the shadow mother pushing the bike filled with paper box filled with paper boxes, plastic bottles, waste animals collected .
. The little girl rushed to go to the account: "Young children Story too, told me to keep it going to go out to go to the lane at the beginning of the lane, I initially thought it waited for Shipper to take the goods. I came out to wait for my mother, my mother to pay a bottle, noon Working on the old bike is also the bronze bags. When I saw my mother, she ran to so quickly, she was looking for anything. I didn't have the right to choose where I was born, so never never Inferiority or criticism of people who gave birth to themselves. "According to the witness of the incident, listened to the sound of a bicycle with a familiar way to carry all the heavy crushed dishes to the beginning of the lane, the daughter rushed and quickly Quickly take a car to your mother to help my mother. This moment after being shared has caused many people to emerge and constantly the praise for her very understood, knows to adapt to family circumstances and respect the conditions Parents have. The woman who paid a bottle in the clip was also admired by many people because there was no high social status but she knew how to teach children to the place, so that the daughter grew up to become a child Hieu Thao, not criticizing difficult parents, knowing the consciousness to rise in life. The moment caused many people to promote warm moments also helped the network community to contemplate a meaningful life lesson. The bigger, the greater impact exposure, going to make money, we can see that the currency is not easy
That's how much teary sweat or even new bloodshed. I can't get back and feel comfortable, don't worry about anything, but I don't know how much it is hard Pain parents are all replaced. Only then we first insulted the hard, pole of their parents to raise us into people and know the responsibility of life, love family and parents.

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