The Moment The Mercenary Hitting Fire In The President Of Haiti

The sound of the ears rang at an hour, breaking the quietness of the 'rich house' in Port-au-Prince (Haiti). Residents immediately thought of two scenarios: gang violence, or disaster disaster. But to dawn, they shocked the news of President Jovenel Moise was assassinated 09: 00/2: 40 South Affordable security quantities guarded outside the Moise President villa. Photo: AP A group of unknown gunmen has stormed into Mr. Moise's mansion at Wednesday, 7/7, killing the president's death and injuring Lady Martine Moise

. The scenes from security cameras And from residents living near the presidential mansion showed gunshots when it was dark. Eyepress's other video provides more than 30 hours of shooting and barking dogs. "DEA's campaign (US drug prevention agency)! Everyone stepped away, "said an English-speaker person through the loudspeaker
"Dea's campaign! All undo, "this person continues. In addition, there are some voices in Spanish, matching the statement of Haitian government officials that "have English speakers and Spanish". After the shootout, the vehicle consists of at least 5 driving leaves the scene. Not long after that, the men carry heavy weapons appearing. A person was forced to lie down on the road. The Miami Herald said that this is a member of a security force. The gunfire sound rang out from Moise's mansion. Source: Miami Herald A government source revealed the attackers as "mercenary" but assuming DEA.dea agent with a office in the capital Haiti, to support the government of the country in anti-ghost programs Tuy.Tamamate Haites in the United States, Bocchit Edmond, said the assassination "was conducted by professional assassin, who was trained by"
Human Moise survived the attack, but was in love Critical state. She was taken to Miami (Florida, USA) to treat. Moise's three children are still safe. The car hits the bullet at the scene. Photo: Miami Herald hooded was left under the road. Photo: Miami Herald outside Moise's mansion. Photo: Miami Herald The most lady Haiti was taken to Miami to treat. Photo: Miami Herald 7/7, Haiti police claimed to kill 4 suspects assassinating President Moise. Two others were arrested. Detailed information about the suspects that have not been published in February, Mr. Moise announced about 23 people, including a former presidential candidate, a senior police inspector and a judge High Court. Mr. Moise accused these people with the main coup and assassination of the President. The assassination was assassinated with many countries, including the US and British, condemning. Neital's neighboring country, the Dominican Republic, was said to have ordered the border and strengthened the supervisor. Prime Minister Haitian Claude Joseph - who claimed to operate the country after Mr. Moise was assassinated - has announced an emergency that lasts 15 days. "We don't want the country to sink in chaos," Claude Joseph said after the Emergency Meeting of the Secretary of Haiti. In his speech, he Joseph asked people to "keep calm" and support the government to overcome "this difficult period". He also declared that the situation "in control". Happy Miami Herald, Fox News

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