The Morning Habit Can Destroy The Skin

You are at risk of acne or wrinkles soon when eating the same food every morning or bathing too long in the field of: 00/2: 22 years of the South are some habits that can harm your skin : Every day eating oatmeal with a bowl of oatmeal on breakfast is a delicious and healthy way to start the day. But if you eat this daily, you can be accidentally harmful to the body and skin. Oatmeal is too often, you risk the lack of other essential substances, leading to malnutrition and skin makes skin Dry, peeling. But that habit will undermine your healthy skin. Hot water ruins the protection layer to keep the moisture needed for the skin, causing the aging process faster

. Washing ground with hot water can be not good to capillaries on the skin. There are many good effects but should not be taken before breakfast. Artwork: Healthline Coffee When not yet brightened, people can not imagine the morning without a cup of hot coffee
But drinking coffee daily before breakfast can harm skin. Is a strong diuretic, can cause you to lighter water. Therefore, this will make the poison difficult to get out of the body through the skin and make the skin easy to form early wrinkles. Only apply sunscreen when sunscreen sunscreen protects the skin when you go out in the summer , But apply ice cream even if you live in the whole day can prevent skin aging. Although glasses are used in automotive, housing and office windows blocking most UVB rays, but still do not protect your skin from harmful UVA rays. So even when working in the office All day and don't spend a lot of time outdoors, you should still apply sunscreen to help your skin fresh longer. Using a type of skin care is rushed out of the door in the morning, you will Easier when taking the same type of face cleanser and night moisturizer. The use of the same products in the morning and evening every day will not benefit your skin. To help your skin look healthy, dermatologists recommend changing the habit Familiar with seasonal skin care and transfers from exfoliated cleanser to a lighter type when the weather becomes cold. Use the wrong cleanser
Have ever noticed his face looks oil when waking up after sleep? Your body dehydrates at night should periodic sebum to prevent that situation. But even if you can't stand the skin of oil balls, you should not use the type of cleanser with a strong formula . Better than you should wash your face with warm water and gentle detergent, apply moisturizer before drying. (According to Brightside)

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