The Most Beautiful Queen In The World And The Thrilling Beauty Story: App With Fresh Meat, Shampoo With Alcohol, Exercise 10 Hours A Day

Seductive beauty and noble temperament of her radio to this day is still considered immortal monument. However, to possess timeless beauty and so many people praise, the Queen had kept themselves ascetic lifestyle and the mystique glasses ky.0: 00/6: 08Nu NamVoi domain slender physique, melancholy oval face, smooth skin and hair bobbing, Queen Elisabeth (24/12/1837 - 09/10/1898) - the wife of Emperor Franz Joseph I, and the Queen of Austria-Hungary, also known as the Queen Sissi been the praise is the most beautiful queen in the world 19.Nhan century charm and aura color radio rights you her to this day still is a monument in the heart of those who admired classical beauty of European women, even the fashion followers around the world. (Image data) Yet However, to possess timeless beauty and so many people praise, Queen Sissi has kept himself a lifestyle must say ascetic mystique with the strict, technical know-bridge ky

.Tuyet honey skin care by tr loving plants, flowers and meat beMot some documents today remains describe in detail the skin of Queen Sissi that her skin right European standards, smooth to the sudden and without blemish , whether a small, freckled. Explaining this, the historians have discovered the secret skincare Queen Sissi is due to the mask from flowers, fruits, and especially strange as fresh meat. (Artwork from the Queen biopic Sissi) Queen Sissi has a specific formula for the preparation of the masks and night lotion water from roses, violets and apple cider vinegar
Specifically violet petals or rose by Queen for a bottle containing apple cider vinegar special kind che.Sau available, the bottle is closed tightly and let stand for 48 hours. Next, grab the Queen extract fresh cologne to mix it with rose dry powder until a viscous mixture then she will apply on face for 15 minutes before going ngu.Hoac well documented historical documents that never too, before leaving the palace to go somewhere, never Empress Sisi and cream roses made from 25 rosebud mashed boiled with distilled water mixed with wool grease and fresh butter, then beaten into cream and then refrigerated. This is a great method to Queen always keeps skin smooth, white sang.Anh Data) On the other hand, she is also extremely popular with mask therapies egg whites. Said the simple but masks have main ingredients are egg whites must also be mixing some natural ingredients such as fresh milk, grape juice, frankincense ... then Queen apply on face and neck or hands
Empress Sisi would often leave the mask to go to bed and rinse morning fluent sau.Khong only use skin masks are derived from natural plants, Queen Sisi there a skin care immensely other exotic: use veal. She said people veal cut very thinly sliced, slices of veal and apply on your face during sleep. It may sound strange, but this method has been scientifically today prove that it is good for the skin because of veal contain plenty of vitamin C anti-inflammatory. (File photo) The secret hair care by wine terrace Rate and hair metal ornament cuongSinh time, long hair shiny knee is probably one of the "weapons" beauty is most proud Queen Sissi, after the skin. So the process for you this beautiful Queen protect and care for your hair and gaudy that surprising. Historical documents record, Queen Sissi when used all day just to shampoo, and this must mobilize tens of servants, not to mention "shampoo" Queen's is also made from the raw materials upstream class: cognac and egg yolk, then discharge through by the water is distilled from the flowers. (Artwork from the movie on the life of Queen Sissi) stage hair brushed and braided hair to Queen Sissi also demand Any right to know. Brushing their hair, she would sit on a low chair, the servants will be lining a silk cloth beneath her hair to avoid hair on the floor from dirt dirty nha.Chai done, any hair shaft falls also must be collected away in a silver box, from which the Queen will check his hair fall out how much to adjust the appropriate dining menu. Next, the servants in the palace will meticulously braided hair pins and the Queen, at the same time they will attach all sorts of rubies, diamonds up.Then when completed the diamond to the hair, the servants will sprayed onto the Queen's hair a fragrant scent, passionate, this is extremely valuable perfume, Legend uses only special for the Queen's Royal Sissi.Theo Austria revealed it this perfume is prepared from premium roses kind of country Hungary and Florentine iris. Flowers are grown right in the secret garden of the palace. (Image Data) Live austerity to have a ring

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