The Most Difficult Character Of The Apple Tree Blooms: Virgin ‘shorts’ To Compete With Ngoc (thai Hoa)!

In the past half of the broadcast of 'Apple tree blooming', the virgin character 'shorts' from jumping out to sabotage the dreaming story of the dream couple - Truc is promoting rapidly on the chart' character Hate most movies' because they are moderately horizontal in the edge of 19: 00/3: 48 namngay since appearing in the apple tree blooming, with an expression and voice of a nauto, Trinh (Tram Anh The Face) attended Informing the audience about a character that promises to increase them. And the happenings of the film proved that it was true. At the same time when the love of excess - Truc is sweet, Trinh doesn't know from suddenly jumping out, appearing right in front of the apple door, with ..

. the belly. The audience wants to faint the structure (Minh Trang) when Trinh Rabbit Card announces the father of the baby in her stomach is the residual (Song Luan). The true has been recognized without witnessing himself, that no one likes " The third person "
In particular, it was a "cottage" to behave innocent as a fairy but the actual stomach was full of tissue, like a virgin. Since Virgin appeared, the audience was timely choking, showing the words, and wanted ... brain blood vessels. Luan Luan and Tram Anh in a scenic scene. While she confirmed the remainder is "cooperation The fake "of the child in his stomach, then he told him that he could not leave any memories of it. Don't remember nothing and not sure if that child is not but the residual still receives responsibility, will provide a virgin mother but in addition to nothing more than this toughness of the residue, the virginity Tears cried as if I was very careful. She tried to wear residues, looking to the apple house, looking for the ally from the sisters of the excess. Leave the audience that is choking when I heard the confession with the treasure (Nha Phuong) that because she was too young, she had a plot of "shorts" him
Searching for any ways to pull, even call out "selfish" Although he knew his heart had never gone to him. The next variable of the film gives the audience true that the rice paper cultivates into a person because the ability to flip as lightly fast. When he was in the residual house, Trinh was a gentle girl who was gentle, despite being pregnant but still worked hard, causing the jewel to praise and advise it to marry. It is not easy to make everyone feeling someone who seems a bit sympathetic because of this, although this girl shook her brother's brother. But on the other hand of the "rice paper", Trinh followed Watch and look to the Stranger to "face", ask Truc to return three for your child. Facing the enemy love, Trinh showed a poisonous girl, shamelessly, constantly using attacks that hurt. As a result, the "Visual Couple" after the dissolved, thinking after suffering will eventually be happy, still meet this "hit" virginity "face". Finally, the beautiful lady also said Words farewell to the handsome driver. Although a love of the love of the residual for himself, the past family wounds made the structure to let go. She didn't want to be the one who destroyed a family of three people who were gradually improving. "The triangle of love" bitterness of Trinh - Du - Truc has not yet to the end. Living up the surplus and trail Love does not belong to Virginity that makes the viewer bored, inhibited. Many opinions suggest that English characters and virginity "shorts" are two characters worthy of the most hateful characters with flowers blooming. In the remaining episodes, apple fans hope the scriptures Will handle stabilization of Truc - Du - Trinh's three-hand relationship. Standing between the two roads, forced to make a choice to finish everything. This is the "problem" is not simple when one side is a true girl who loves, the other is the mother of his son. Constraints of Truc and Trinh. Completing the virgin character is a young face brooch Brother. She was born in 1995, was one of The Face 2018's most prominent contestants. Although he did not own the ideal height as a model, he was loved by the delicate face "without death" and faith Sweet, lovely, British and director of Vo Thach Thao, I used to participate in some movies like a news hunter, tied to love. But to the role of virgin in the apple tree blooming, she started receiving attention from television audiences. He impressed with the gentle beauty, Thanh Nao, she also owns an elegant fashion gout, Feminine to "hate" in a blooming apple tree, can see, this is a successful signal with Brooch Britain when taking over the villain. The practice of "double hands" and well-known actors, experienced as "the box office" Thai Hoa, Nha Phuong is also a good opportunity for Tram Anh on the way of acting. The UK in a scene Acting with Thai hoaa, causing many "three storms" for the apple house, but the viewer still hopes that the virgin character let go of all tissue, seeking happiness really belongs to me.

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