The Most Effective Dried Dry Skin Tips At Home

The cracked dry skin is the problem of a lot of people most in the winter. By winter, air humidity drops low, dehydrated skin leads to dry skin, peeling, cracking, cosmetic loss of 00: 00/2: 42 namda namda dried cracks are due to foreign aggressors The scene caused the skin to break the keratine and lost the natural oil to protect the skin, thereby causing the skin of horns, cracks, white and touching with a very rough feeling, our folk or "snakes" ". During the duration of "snakes" skin is very vulnerable, itchy, scratched and infected. Normally, this phenomenon usually appears in people who are depressed by dry skin, as this is a little skin to produce oil. Dry do not only lose cosmetic but also a favorable condition for skin diseases Like mushrooms, itching, inflammation

... forming and developing destroying your skin from inside
What needs to do so skin is not dry, cracked? Below are the most effective dry skin treatments at home. Deadness is one of the ways to treat dry skin that every sister needs to know. The image of the effort of dead cells is one of the ways to treat dry skin that every sister needs to know. Because the skin is peeling can also be due to excessive death cells, once a week, you spend 5 - 10 minutes using melon fibers, sponges or cosmetic exfoliating creams remove the skin rough, let skin smooth. Furthermore, implementing regular exfoliating steps also helps skin limit the aging process and easily absorbs the nutrients from skin care products. Natural types of masks Use natural masks One of the ways to treat dry skin is loved by many people. Although how to treat dry skin with this method must be after a long time to see clear effectiveness. However, this method is very safe and simple, easy to do, inexpensively, and honey skin care mask with avocado and honey is the ideal choice for dry skin, big pores and darkness Melasma. Because, they contain many important nutrients, vitamins, minerals for the operation of the skin and high moisturizing ability. Data: ½ avocado; 2 tablespoons of honey as a butter mask and honey in treating cracked dry skin are quite simple, just for butter and honey on a clean and crushed cup
When the face has been cleaned, you apply the mask all over your face. Wait within 20 minutes for nutritious substances to penetrate into the skin, then clean the skin again. Make 3 times / week. Olive and olive oil are very useful ingredients for the skin, especially the skin dried. Illustrated images enough and olive oil enough and olive oil are very useful ingredients for the skin, especially dry skin. They provide nutrients and enhance the needed moisture, which helps significantly improve cracking of cracking, bringing new vitality and bright colors for skin. Data: 100 grams of papaya; 2 tablespoons of olive oil: First, you crush papaya and add olive oil and stir. Next, you clean the skin with a cleanser and cover the mask. Relax about 15-20 minutes, wash your face and dry with a soft towel. Implement 3 times / week.Theo Hoa Le / VietQ

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