The Most Effective Mixed Skin Care In The Winter

Combination skin is skin care is difficult. Without appropriate care regime and properly will cause skin vulnerable and more prone to premature aging skin types khac.Da mixture What is Combination skin is usually divided into two types: mixed dry natural disasters and oil mixture. Dry skin is the skin natural mixtures consist largely be dry and oil fraction. Namely those you often have skin manifestations: skin in the town, dry cheeks and chin, but many oil nose, chin and cheeks or forehead and nose dry but oily

. Natural skin oil mixture if the majority of the oil on your face much greater than with dry skin. Oil skin is characterized in this case is the T (including the forehead, nose and chin) .Nguyen cause trouble for mixed skin hopThoi winter cold air should change to combination skin will dry out more and the spill area is often reduced
In cold weather, the more you forget to drink water will also make the skin more prone to dehydration dry and flaky. Sunshine will make your skin dry and dull, so it needs to have a habit of using sunscreen to protect skin minh.Su skin care products use the chemicals will cause skin abrasion and increasingly weakened. Especially much white you like fast should use the cream mix originating and clear components to make your skin more quickly ruined chong.Cham improper skin care also cause damage rub the skin such as face wash too much skin loses moisture balance, do not use regular moisturizer, skin care ... How effective mixture Dade clean clean quaLam combination skin you should use these types of cleanser combining many different features and characteristics of each area of skin on the face. However, we must ensure that the products mild and not exacerbate the existing problems in clean da.Lam combination skin (Photo: Internet) Combination skin is skin type is very difficult to influence
Lubricants as dirt accumulates deep within the pores, while dry skin and redness of the skin more sensitive. Pores need to be cleaned but not to lose the moisture thiet.San cleanser for combination skin type is the best possible balance between oil production and dryness of the skin. These products will contain the active ingredient without harsh chemicals, parabens or alcohol and must be extracted from herbs and other natural ingredients suitable for combination skin cell hop.Tay chetLan combination skin often kinky, difficult care and are vulnerable to irritation under the influence by external factors such as dust and sunlight. Skin exfoliating mixture not only helps clean the skin, open pores, acne prevention, but also effective in preventing aging skin, help skin absorb the nutrients better hon.Tay to clean up the dead cells of the skin (Photo: internet) time for skin exfoliation best mix 2 times / week. In winter, you should limit exfoliation done, should be done 1 or 2 times / month, especially for acne-prone skin is then restrained. To ensure skin safety, you should apply the method of exfoliation from nature, avoid using cosmetic exfoliation of unknown origin because it contains chemical components strong, can cause damage to the skin. moisturize the skin moist daDuong (Photo: internet) for combination skin need to support this excess skin oil amboi rather dull water shortage should ease and still greasy. You should choose the hydrating fluid, fast-absorbing gel cream, not greasy hiss. The waters rose, the moisturizer is oil-free marked, non-comedogenic. The conventional products for skin that contains alpha hydroxy acids extracted from fruits and able to help fight infection. When using alpha hydroxy acid skin, it helps remove dead skin cells and gives the skin a youthful, smooth mang.Uong many nuocNuoc nourish your skin. Wrinkles will appear more clearly when you get dehydrated. Water is the cosmetic beauty of nature. Drinking water will help skin get proper humidity as well as the bursting of skin cells and to make sure you will look younger. Water also contributes eliminated impurities, increase circulation and blood circulation, make the skin more healthy. Water helps to reduce dry skin conditions in winter season naMua dong.Dap face quite dry skin you should take the time to fill the mask potentially natural moisturizer for your skin stay healthy dep.Theo Hoang Yen / VietQ

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