The Most Fuel-efficient 7-seater Cars In Vietnam

Suzuki Ertiga Sport, Suzuki XL7, Toyota Rush is the lowest-fuel consumption models of the 7-seat automotive group with a popular 7-seat group.02: 00/4: 32 South Vietnam, 7 seats are both busy buyers Family and business are favored by multi-purpose. With universal brands, users have a wide range of options (MPV, SUV) and selling prices (from 500 million to more than VND 1.3 billion). In that, MPV and small SUV are affordable Choose savings on fuel costs, due to the engine equipped with low cylinder capacity (above 1

.5L). This group includes Mitsubishi Xpander / XPander Cross, Toyota Avanza, Toyota Rush, Suzuki Ertiga, Suzuki XL7 and Kia Rondo. According to data from manufacturers and is certified by the Vietnam Register, fuel consumption on the mixture of vehicles above ranging 5
95-7.9 liters / 100 km, with 3 samples The most fuel-efficient car is Suzuki Ertiga Sport, Suzuki XL7 and Toyota Rush. Although the actual consumption can be changed due to conditions of use, driving and technical maintenance status, the manufacturer's data Export announced that some part shows the fuel economy of each car.Suzuki Ertiga Sport - 5.95 liters / 100 km based on figures from the manufacturer, Suzuki Ertiga Sport has fuel consumption on the mixed road Combining 5.95 liters / 100 km - the lowest of the 7-seater car group in Vietnam. In the meantime, the fuel consumption on the road and urban areas of the car is 4.74 and 8.05 liters / 100 respectively km. Mixed sugar groaning, Ertiga Sport model uses a 4-speed automatic transmission consuming less gasoline than the deck number
Specifically, fuel consumption on mixed, urban and out-of-urban roads of Ertiga MT respectively 6.11; 7.95 and 5.04 liters / 100 km. So, with the above parameters, Suzuki Ertiga MT is still one of the most popular 7-seat cars. Using the reality, Suzuki Ertiga for Fuel consumption on a mixed road is about 6-7 liters / 100 km, depending on operating conditions. In addition, Eritga also has the lowest price of segment, 499 million and 560 million VND for MT version and Sport. As a result, the vehicle is a suitable choice for service business customers and users to promote savings factors. However, Ertiga has a simple design, not many equipment.Suzuki Ertiga uses 1.5L (103-horsepower, 138 Nm) engine, 5 MT or 4 AT gearbox and front-drive system.Suzuki XL7 - 6, 39 liters / 100 km is a lifting variant of Ertiga, Suzuki XL7 using a 1.5L gasoline engine similar to the MPV model with the same "home". As a result, the car also has quite saved fuel consumption. Specifically, according to Suzuki's announcement, fuel consumption on urban and out-of-town roads and the mixture of XL7 is 7.99; 5.47 and 6.39 liters / 100 km. In fact, cars cost about 7-8 liters of gasoline for 100 km when moving mainly in the city.So with Ertiga, Suzuki XL7 is not much different about interior design and equipment list. However, the car has a sturdy exterior, less monotonous. Besides, XL7 is also highly appreciated by users in a wide range of space and relatively operate. Similar to Ertiga, the limitation of XL7 is in the brand, the agency system is not popular. 1.5L engine of XL7 for a capacity of 103 horsepower, 138 nm torque similar to Ertiga. Vehicles using 4 AT gearbox and cost 590 million dong.Toyota Rush - 6.7 liters / 100 kmtheo information from Toyota, Rush has fuel consumption on urban roads, in addition to urban areas and the corresponding mixture 5, 8; 8.2 and 6.7 liters / 100 km - lower than 2 models of the same price, Mitsubishi Xpander at and XPander Cross (5.9; 8.5 and 6.9 liters / 100 km). In fact, if Only moving in the city, Toyota Rush consumes about 9-10 liters of gasoline for 100 km. While the mixed fuel consumption of vehicles is about 8-8.5 liters / 100 km. There are some advantages in operation such as a ladder chassis or using the following bridge, simple design and price High selling at the time of launch made Toyota Rush cannot compete with XPander. As of the end of May 5/2021, Toyota only sold 1,352 rushes Rush.Toyota Rush equipped with 1.5L engine, with a capacity of 102 horsepower, 134 nm torque, 4 AT gearbox and the following bridge drive system. The current listed price of the car is 634 million dong.

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