The Most ‘heterosexual’ Models At The Chinese Auto Show 2021

Chengdu Automotive Exhibition 2021 in China gathered more than 1,500 different models, including many electric vehicles that own strange designs.02: 00/4: 01 namsaic Maxus EV90 in the list of electric car models The most "heterosexual" in Chengdu 2021 exhibition, the Various Maxus EV90 is probably worthy of being a model in position 1. On the reality, this is a pure electric commercial vehicle, with similar size With Ford Transit template. However, the manufacturer has re-redesigned the entire cabinet, the exterior of the car in the style could not be more impressive. Did it a commercial service model, but the Maxus EV90 said As a super car commercial car service that owns a scissor door like a supercar is quite a rare thing in the world

. Besides, the entire outer paint color of the car is also a highlight that cannot be missed with white / blue tones combined. It is also a wide body-kit body to increase the tunnel. Furniture inside the car is quite modern under the bonnet, SAIC Maxus EV90 uses electric drive system to produce 150 kW, equivalent 201 horsepower and 310 nm torque
Chery Little Ant Pro Bigfootchery Little Ant Pro is a small electric car but in the premiere, it has been converted into a large model. Although the supplement of oversized terrain tires and suspension suspension significantly for a small car with a capacity of only 41 horsepower, it doesn't seem to be a great idea, but Chery has really shown Real that.Chery Little Ant Pro has a pit design and quite dusty the target of this concept template is not to demonstrate off-road capabilities that are to attract more people to Chery's galleries. This conversion also includes both front and backwater bumper, roar protection, additional LEDs and split doors.Hechuang Z03 Hechuang Z03's new image is quite fancy when the car is lowering the suspension system , Aerodynamic wheels, rear wind wings, diffuser with the color of red black paint pit.The other confusing detail is the LED light and calf up on the roof of the car. With this shaping, viewers easily relate to WRC racing cars. Hechuang Z03 is quite low nowHechuang Z03 as a new small SUV model for the Chinese market. The car has a capacity of up to 215 hp (160 KW / 218 PS) and the 76.8kwh
chery battery set QQ Ice Cream Lighting Editionchery is always full of ideas about unique cars. Proof is that they turn the urban electric vehicle QQ Ice Cream completely new racing style with a few modifications.Chery QQ Ice Cream Lighting Edition looks more modern with the new version of Chery QQ Ice Cream Lighting Edition looks more stylish by additional gadgets such as wide fender, wide broadcast, a largely unnecessary huge wind wing. It's short to pay if you don't pay attention to the color headlights and aerodynamic wheels.Weimar W6 Acon has a "heterosexual" design on this list of Weltmeister W6. Specifically, Weltmeister W6 has a typical style of a Concept from the future. The design details of the vehicle are processed 3D simulation with the blend of soft curves and both straight lines .WeltMeister W6 has a unique design and strokes the most popular on Weltmeister W6 perhaps to mention the tail area with a giant wind wing and if she looked from this area, the viewer will probably think right now The boats goes underwater.Roewe i5 upgrade to upgrade their i5 sedan and celebrate with a correcting version. The sports sedan is painted with fluorescent yellow, contrasting with the glossy black of the car parts. Large divider front and fixed wind wings behind looks like the car is ready for the DTM championship, black car rim with racing tires are suitable for paint colors.roewe i5 upgrades also have The outstanding appearance does not have any changes under the bonnet, which means the car is still equipped with a booster motor 1.5L to produce a capacity of 170 horsepower and maximum torque 250 nm.

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