The Most Popular Learn To Dance On The Spot, Meet Everyone ‘worshiping’

The United Kingdom unable to stop his dancing passion.Ly is most popular because he has proven itself with his strength. The Lo's Attitude and Love Uncle for Hip-Hop make everyone to rub, he really is very professional and serious. Facing the people you like, the most king will be especially happy and will Have before, because he has a common hobby with them, and will naturally have a common voice. We know that the king most has a more modest attitude when faced with Street Dance of China 4, he is no longer available Pursuing the thought of victory, which is respecting more players, the desire to come with a psychology

. So, at the studio, everyone saw him learn different hiphop dancing with Bouboo, Thao Comment on different movements and presentations with negative and quantity. His enthusiasm is more important than playing. The United Kingdom will consider the different ideas that everyone given, and he will also carefully analyze them
The most showing the love and happiness on his face. At the same time, fans will also listen to Bouboo to introduce our friends with the most unshitized, even, he also asked them advice on some movements, and learned very seriously. QUA lens, we see the most king Tracking Bouboo to learn tricks, as well as learning all kinds of foot movements from Rochka (Kaka). Look at the on-premises Learning of the United Kingdom with Bouboo and Kaka, you will understand that you will soon understand The nature of the dance when "teacher" taught me. The most cool, very cool, really attractive. Those who liked him would always be attracted to his study enthusiasm. This is why no one wants to point to criticizing the most king's dance, and why so many people praise you all the time Last time. Reality, King Nhat Uncle modest, calm. You are silently working and based on my own strength to prove yourself, his words are also true, he doesn't like to have and others. King Best Uncle focused on hobbies of herself and did not care about the disturbance from the outside world

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