The Most Relaxing ‘in The World Is Only For Travelers’ Unknown’

There are many beauty therapies that make many people amazed. But such a very humid therapy is still applied by famous spas to attract countless travelers to discover the experience of the Energy: 00/4: 20 years of the South there are many beautiful therapies Many people are amazing. But such seemingly weird therapy is still applied by famous spas to attract countless travelers to discover the experience.1. Massage service 'prisoners' months before being released, prisoners at Chiang Mai reboundary facility were taken to work in a prison's beauty facility

. This location is open to all people. And like any other beauty facility, there are also fresh flowers, melodious music, gift shops or even tea rooms. This center is where guidelines for women in prisoners of new skills and helps them easily integrate society
Suggestions: Correctional Facility Chiang Mai, 100 Rachvithi Rachvithi, Chiang Mai, Thailands: 66 (0) 53 706 10412. Bathing hay'The grass' is a therapeutic therapy derived from Northern Italy in the 1903s. Employees from Henubad Hotel will harvest hay from copper The Grass of Alpe Di Siusi in the early morning morning when the grass remains the oil smell. Guests can roll themselves in the hay and the entire toxins will be discharged. This process helps stimulate metabolism and strengthen the immune system. Suggestions: Henubad Hotel, Via Sciliar 13, Vols am Schlern, South Tyrol, Italy: 39 0471 7250203. Spa snail snails are Animals are used in many strange purposes. If the French used to be famous for a herbal butter-fried snail, the Japanese worked as a stunned world with a massage service by giving the fat slugs crawling on the face. The slime from the snail provides protein and antioxidants will smooth the wrinkles and rejuvenate the skin. Especially, these snails are nourished according to the top of the 'smart' mode With organic food consisting of carrots, Japanese mustard rolls or Swiss cabbage
They are always taken care of in a room with a temperature maintained at the optimal level of about 20 ° C.The suggestions: Clinical-Salon CI: Z.Labo, Tokyosdt: 81 0800 111 4164. Bath to the Czech, Bath beer is not only a pleasure that it has a lot of benefits for the body and brain. Soaking in the bathtub of iridescent gold, visitors will feel revived. All tired stress will dissolve like snow-melting in a sunny day. Suggestions: Chodová Planá, Czech Republic5. Massage by CactusSeasons Resort Punta Mita in Mexico has launched a 'relaxing' Massage method Hakali with the use of non-spiked cacti branches. This unique massage method is also a combination of primary and herbal essential oils for rehabilitation and skin rejuvenation effects for healthy, smooth skin. Suggestions: Four Seasons Resort, Punta Mita , Bahía de Banderas, Nayarit, Mexicosdt: 52 (329) 291-60006. Solid massage to all kinds of snakes, enough size and color cow on the body's body is a highly experienced massage therapy, very unique of Ada Barak, a health care and beauty center located In the town of Talmei Elazar (a settlement in northern Israel). Only with 80 USD, customers will experience the feeling of massage by professional foot reptiles - Florida snakes (which is considered King of snakes) or solid California, corn snakes and milk snakes. When making a massage, the snakes will roll on the body, wriggle along the back and even cow on the face. Suggestions: Health care center and Beauty Ada Barak, Talmei Elazar, Israel7. Massitation This can be considered an upgraded version of solid massage therapy at Ada Barak. The swap of small non-toxic snakes into giant Burmese pies with many people who don't touch 'shudder'. The pythons weigh about 250kg after taking out of the cage will be placed in turn on the visitors. Before serving, every python was approximately 10 chickens by the staff. The consumption of large food helps to restrain the hungry python and help visitors feel safer. Suggestions: Cebu Zoo, Woolbright Drive, Beverly Hills, Cebu, Philippines, Security (General)

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