The Most Reliable Cities In Sweden

Sweden Not only is considered one of the friendly countries, with many museums, amusement parks, famous parks ... where this place is like a modern fairy world. Including the most remaining 5 cities in Sweden below

.02: 00/3: 35 nam1. Stockholmhttps: //dulich.petrotimes
vn/stockholm is the capital of Sweden, the economic and political center of the whole country since the 13th century. It is located in the east coast of Sweden, at the door of Lake Mälaren, party Next to the Stockholm Islands, winding with your hidden beauty. Famous with the beauty of buildings, architecture, a lot of water and clean water systems, and there are many parks. People also named Stockholm as the city of Venice Northern.https: // to this luxury city, you can explore many trendy bars and world-class restaurants, sit edge historical cafes and cozy local restaurants. Or can walk through modern galleries, exclusive shops to shop.https: //dulich.petrotimes
vn/2. Gothenburghttps: // Gothenburg City (Swedish is: Goteborg), the second largest city after the capital Stockholm. This is a modern city with many young people and immigrants living. But Gothenburg is very quiet, peaceful, with many beautiful natural settings ... https: // Culture is the highlight of Gothenburg. It is the home of the largest film festival of Scandinavia, as well as many types of art and other art events such as painting, music ... Besides there are many architectural works with Unique and impressive design.https: // with Malmo, Gothenburg is a city with a significant number of immigrants. MalmoHTPS: // is a city with a long history located in the south of Sweden and is considered the capital of Skane County. With an area of over 335 km2 and a population of nearly 700 thousand people, Malmo is currently the 3rd largest city of Sweden, only after the capital Stockholm and Gothenburg.https: // Malmo City Established in 1275. Previously, around the 15th century, Malmo was an important link in trade and trading of European countries. Today, coming to this city you will have the opportunity to admire a lot of ancient palace court, visiting the Museums and Longy Square.Https: // Also like all The southern part of Sweden, Malmo is influenced by ocean climate. However, this city has a much more and more comfortable weather. Solnahtps: // If you want to search for peaceful cities, to relax, relax, then the city of Solna is a great stop. Not too noisy, taking Japanese as other growing cities, in Solna always bring gentle space, feeling comfortable, relaxed to incorrectly. Some attractive destinations in Solna You should consider visit, to have a complete trip such as Angso Park, Karberg Palace, Ulriksdal, Haga Castle ... https: // Unique culture, traditional culture is also something that leaves many impressions with visitors. And this is also the reason that Solna becomes the most reliable city in Sweden.5. Umeahtps: // is an educational, technical and medical research center in Sweden, with two universities and over 30,000 students. The city was elected European cultural capital in 2014. It is known for a beautiful location, UMEA attracts a large number of tourists, locals and students visiting every year. Now anywhere in Europe has many diverse cultural festivals such as in Umea, from classic to modern, from Academy to the market. Here, you will be immersed into excellent sports air by participating in winter sports such as skiing, skating ... and many other traditional sports.h.https: // / In Umea has Opera Theater from a few centuries but also has the most modern cinemas, with classical music festival and rock music, there are many libraries and museums. Both architecture and culture are specific to both ancient Europe and now. Huong

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