The Most Romantic Hotel In The World ‘in Phu Yen Brings About 6 Prestigious International Awards

The most romantic hotel in the world 'in Phu Yen brings about 6 international awards for honoring Vietnam with the title "The most romantic hotel in the world" by National Geographic magazine, the resort Zannier Hotels Coral (Phu Yen) continues to name its name on the winning list in the "Guestroom" section of ASIA 2021 awards. The best position in Guestroom Item at the Ahead Asia Awards this year, Zannier Hotels Coral yards not only impressed with the idea of designing the original beauty room, construction architecture based on local techniques and traditional materials but also brought a beauty experience Native in a delicate way. The main architectural idea contributes to enhancing and preserving the unique culture of Vietnam, which can be mentioned as Hill Pool Villas reminiscent of the long house of the Egyptians, Paddy Field Villa is inspired by the wooden houses of fishermen, or Beach Pool Villas with the village image of the Man's Cham people g Go to victory for Zannier Hotels at the coral at the opponents from the city of Kyoto, Otemachi and Hokkaido of Japan. Income for a year of operation, the resort has been constantly attracting and resonating with a series of Various awards from world-like tourism and resort journals such as National Geographic, Conde Nast Traveler, Luxury Travel Intelligence, Travel Leisure or Iluxury Awards Awards "Luxury Boutique Hotel". Ahead of Ahead Asia is the 6th prestigious award that the resort has reached a resort in Phu Yen in the field of hotel services, contributing to confirming Vietnam's competitive position in general and rich Yen in particular in Asia and the world


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