The Most Standard Automobile Sitting Posture To Avoid Tired

Posture sitting when driving cars is extremely important, helping the driver reduce tiring stress. Below is the method to have the best sitting posture. The most idea is that the driver's eyes look at the middle of the front and higher windshield (dashboard) about 5-6 cm. Check again is to see the post-sides and in the car. If not yet, adjust the mirror

. If lower, the driver's eyes cannot look at the head and control the nose area. But if higher, the driver tends to look close and cannot be expected for coming situations. In fact, provided traffic conditions in Vietnam, the driver likes to sit high for convenience of observation, wriggle and dodge motorbike
But safely, sitting too high is not good. In the car's door of Mercedes-Benz, there is a toughened frame to absorb the hip collision, when you sit too high, put all the body on the mirror, the protection ability will be poorestly. Out is right in the middle of the front and higher windshield (dashboard) about 5 - 6 cm, the person who is sitting when sitting, the driver adjusts the chair to the back, left foot pedal the floor (number of floors), right foot Return to the brake (automatic number), then adjust the chair until the floor pedal, left legs are slightly folded. Thus, when there are complicated situations on the road, the driver can handle braking quickly. When adjusting the chair back, a driver who needs to hold the steering wheel at the highest point, the other hand Put the back to the back of the chair. At the same time, adjust the headrest of the seat so that your ears are tall with the middle point of the headrest. The tilt of the stable driver is in parallel with the steering wheel column, can adjust the vibrations in About 95 -110 degrees. After adjusting the chair, including height and steering wheel, the driver should check it back by putting the wrist at the highest point of the steering wheel. If the wrist to be comfortable at that point, it may even slightly embrace the steering wheel, while still holding the shoulder on the back of the corner of the right place. Lang, can adjust oscillating in the range of 95 -110 degrees High-level steering wheels to adjust the steering wheel height in parallel with the corner of the chair back to easily observe the clock table
The driver should put his hand at an angle of 9 hours and 3 hours, adjust accordingly to the next. Because of the Lang? The distance of the steering wheel column should maintain 30 cm from the center of the axis to the sternum. If it is impossible to reach that distance, it is necessary to adjust the corner of the chair back to the driver's posture to drive again. When you drive, you should also leave the head towards the front and keep the right distance to Avoid the risk of ancient injury when the distance is too far. By Thu Ha, 29 minutes ago

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