The Most Unique And Unique Elevator Works In The World

The elevators not only help people easily move but sometimes they also bring interesting experiences.1. Aquadom elevator, DucAquadom is like a 25m high-shaped aquarium built and completed in 2004 at Radisson Blu Hotel in Berlin-Mitte, Germany with a total investment of about 12.8 million euros. The architect has arranged a righteous elevator of this giant aquarium

. The entire cabin is the transparent toughened glass instead of the normal stainless steel material, so it offers a great experience for visitors every time you use the ladder, like they are immersed with a vast ocean with water and Fish.Aquadom is currently recognized as the largest cylindrical aquarium in the world with a diameter of 11m, capacity of up to 1 million liters of water, is home to 50 species with more than 1500 individuals. Falkirk Elevator, Scotlandfalkirk Wheel has been put into operation since 2002 so far
Value of traffic, this unique elevator is a spectacular architecture and a attraction attraction attraction Scotland's top calendar. Since the open-door line elevator has so far there have been about 4.4 million people here to experience, with about 400,000 experiences every year. Globen Skyview elevator, SwedenSkyView is considered one of the most impressive and unique elevator systems in the world today. This elevator system is designed by Swedish Liftbankarna and built outside Ericsson Globen, Stockholm, Sweden, this unique elevator can transport 16 people, for visitors to admire the great views Beautiful of the whole city of Stockholm, Sweden.4. Elevator Hammetschwand, Switzerland The highest European elevator was arranged on a very special stone cliff section to connect with Hammetshwand, a great vision site to Lucerne Lake, on Burgenstock Plateau. There is a height of 153m and can move to the top of Hammetschwand in less than 1 minute.5. Louvre elevator, Louvre machine is located at Louvre Museum in Paris, France
This is the elevator of the future with the hydraulic lifting system and the road is running around as a twisted staircase. This is considered one of the most unique elevators in the world.6. Gateway Arch elevator, USA in the points you must have to visit when coming to St. Louis, Missouri, the United States is Gateway Arch. To reach the top of the memorial, each group of 5 people will be sitting in the oval chair, there are 8 rows of such seats forming a small train carrying tourists exploring the Gateway Arch. 4 minutes and afternoon go down to 3 minutes. Each chamber of this small ship has glass doors so that tourists can see the details inside the Gateway Arch throughout the trip. According to Huong / Petrotimes

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