The Mother For 2 Million To Buy Bags, I Showing Off Her Husband, Immediately Gave Me 10 Million And Then Stiffened Bitterly

Husband loves his wife, does not regret money to buy beautiful things for his wife. And my husband. When I agree with T, I was prepared for a life for a uncomfortable life. But then, I too love you so I can't break up. T is very stingy, regularly calculating with his wife

. Purchasing a wife of Hong Nhan children's birthday, he also recorded carefully on the spending book. Every month, he will take me but asked me to clearly present each section at the end of the month. If any clause is not worthwhile, he will weigh the wife
He also has a hobby of counting money. Just a sad, he took saving money to count and calculate when it was 100 million to send a bank. Because it was too saving so it was only to marry for 2 years, my couple had excess 4 savings books. In return, I'm knowing as dare to spend, don't know myself when I don't buy a new shirt, new shoes to wear. Through, after being criticized by my mother, I just crooked my belly The bag is 2 million to go to work. My old bag was frayed, torn, "Looking like a garbage bag" (my mother's original). And the money bought is also because my mother gives half. I want to bring a bag about showing off her husband, I don't expect to recover too bitterness. My husband just heard the price of the bag was angry, smashing on the table. Then he snatched the bag, forced me to pay, he would take me away
But I firmly didn't go. The couple were teared over, did not force me, my husband was tiger to hold her own bags and billed off the car. Suggested, I ran out, pulling the car again and shouted loudly: "If you dare to pay the bag I write a divorce application. " My husband was stunned. Then immediately, he pulled approximately 10 million in his wallet to throw into my body, "she holded 10 million and then turned away from the house immediately. The divorce will be submitted later and she must not divide any property. I don't accept a wife who wastes and racing. " Then he put in the house, throwing the bag under the ground. I was at my mother's house. I don't want to go back home again. If the divorce, I want the split property, including 4 savings books that the husband is holding. But I also know this is very difficult. How do I get to regain my legitimate rights? Follow My Hanh / Fatherland Newspaper

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