The Mother-in-law Insulables The Old Strawberry ‘where To Eat, To Almine’

It also knows how to choose a place. Go to the places of this place for money, make sure many alms are alms? - Mother of her husband and her lips told me.0: 00/4: 11 days of men about the debut, the mother of Vu (old husband) considered me like ..

. the house. But not to love, treat well that to false me like a child. That day, when I arrived, I didn't even sit and drink a drink, she took me to the cooking kitchen
She had to run to neighbors asking for a lot of lemon leaves to eat with chicken. I boiled chicken, making fried nem, cooking siruts ... finished still not seen her. At the near noon, the mother-in-law was a new peak and said that, it was "drunk" to talk to her neighbors so forgetting. I haven't cut it yet, I'm irritable: "Either, I don't know lunch Let's eat, hungry ". So I brought the chicken tightly. Knowing my mother-in-law is challenging me, I try to do well. But at the time of the tray, she pouted: "Boiled chicken was a bit stewerous, this went to his house, he had to learn a lot
Make this wife, 3 days people returned." After the meal, the person who cleaned me. It's very annoyed, but I tried to follow this. This is in strawberry, my life is as stuffy. In her mother's eyes, only a son, without a daughter-in-law. The salary of 2 of us must give her. I need to go to the market, or buy anything right away. Everything in my house has to do it all. She did not give her wife's husband. In particular, her mother-in-law hated her son to go to the stove of cooking rice, or bent down to sweep ... once, I asked her husband to dry clothes, because at that time I panded over my face, climbing The 4th floor is very difficult .... Then the mother-in-law was seen. She tossed everything and shouted: "I can't do it, let me do it, don't need to marry my son. It's not tired enough?". Husband raised the defense, the more hatred I was hated. (Artwork) when my child was nearly 2 years old, my husband's xinxing changed. He came to a young girl at the company. I know that cry, crying up. Mother-in-law is he. She told me: "How is your wife, my husband is a new one? She looks at her to see if her husband loves anymore. This year at home is pestless, it alone makes money. I myself, looking at her, I'm bored to talk to my son ... I don't know how to spawn, my house doesn't need a niece. "The backset of my mother, my husband is numerous wrong. Finally because I was too warm, I decided to divorce. The day to go, the mother-in-law was mocked, saying I left her husband can only be aware of the road! Let's go 1 time, about 3 years later, I met my mother in the commercial center. Seeing me from a distance, she actively approached to insult: "Being know how to choose a place. Go to the places of this place, please make a lot of alms?". When I didn't say anything, I was going to leave, I threw my wallet in front of me and interrupted: "Stealing, stealing everyone, this child shocked my wallet." Loudly, everyone starts Notice and get it. The mother and her mother got the momentum into me struggling as if I was a real wallpaper. At the chaos like that, a man arm pulled my mother-in-law and asked: "What's wrong?" My mother-in-law recognizes the acquaintance, the bigger: "My son's old boss. He's here and watching. This is my former mulberry. Meet my mother in her husband doesn't greet, there will be astingwork of the money I'm so agile, I quickly found it. This child is tricky ... "" You said anyone, did you say my wife stole? " - The mother-in-law has finished listening to that question, the person who stabbed him. "What did you say? She is this wife who is afraid. He was tricked. It was my former strawberry, I was strange. Beans but also lazy flow, only clamp ". But my husband replied: "The person who was fooled was that she was right. It was her son who was a scam, appropriating the property of my company. Luckily for him, my wife recognized the old acquaintance Please give me a piercing, but he's deadly in prison. Convenient to you have a thank you for your mother because I created the opportunity to let me come to Han (me). But what people do with Han, There will be a day I count the full book. Her son must still be unemployed now. That's right, when I know his true past, who dared to take it into work. Hey he hidden doesn't let her know? ". My mother-in-law, I don't dare to speak. People around starting whispering, shaking their heads, who showed clams when they witnessed this scene. Finally embarrassed, her mother-in-law bent down to pick up the wallet and quickly left the commercial center.

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