The Mother-in-law Is Not Angry To Pay For Her Husband’s School, Public

My mother-in-law was too hard, I saw that I had money that she immediately asked the previous money to raise my husband to study. It was 6 years old, seeming to be my husband and wife until I was when I had two children, the house Hoang in the city center district. Everyone told me to be happy, there was a house, the car, the money was crib. Which true, in terms of many surpasses, I am happy. I am very young, but I am quite young, but also succeeded in the business

. Which helps our success rely on the efforts of both spouses, but also a lot of assistance from my birth parents. . It was true that I didn't choose people, since I love to get married, many people advise me to not take him because the house has no conditions, far away
.. but I see in the will and determination, being a husband Trusted for his wife and children later. But who doubts, when my husband and wife are warm, I am also when my mother-in-law starts to have changes. Seeing our couple with money, my mother-in-law demanded to stay and care. So I'm free to bear the scene to make a daily strawberry afraid to be afraid of her overlapping mother. The mildment also doesn't spend anything, but I see my mother-in-law seems to go to our house with the purpose of bringing the kind of love Books for me to give money to her. My mother-in-law continuously ordered me to send money to her hometown. When I sent my brother to build a house, then send money to my husband's sister to open the shop to do business, and then all of themselves in the countryside .
. full of big money, but with the pressure of my mother-in-law . The monthly son has a high revenue with a high revenue, the mother-in-law, I put my husband, I put all my mother to keep my mother, the latecoming later had a divorce with money used. My husband did not want to do that, but was urged by her mother so I had to take her a little. Know, I'm angry with my husband and meet my mother in my husband to say don't do that, I need my husband and son will take care of all my husband and I am angry, scold me, but I don't see my mother-in-law What's wrong. From that day, my mother-in-law hated me, all day didn't say anything. My mother-in-law calls lu speakers everywhere that I have a lot of money to be stingy, pick up my mother in her husband and take care of your maid, take care of your grandchildren, move your house ... need a few mulberoma jars not for my husband Go home because it doesn't ... standing away. Before returning, my mother-in-law met me and took me to pay for her 250 million, this is the money to study, raise my husband in the level 3 years on the district and college students. My mother in my husband said that she had to borrow, it was not yet to pay. I'm not gone yet shocked, my mother-in-law continues to ask me to pay an additional 50 million, that's my money, doing a house for the past 6 months With the price maid "luxury". I just gaped with my mouths that I couldn't believe in what I just heard. I discussed with her husband to worry about paying for my mother, if my mother's mother was anonymous. But both I and my husband didn't listen to this loan. Assuming, if not, my mother-in-law is bargaining with my daughter-in-law to pay for her husband's school to don't know each other. But feel faith in her mother-in-law. I really confused, if I didn't give me money, I couldn't give it, but I got, I have a loving husband's mother, or she continues to go home to speak badly, boycott my daughter-in-law? Now I'm very Wondering and awkward, should I refuse my mother's ridiculous demanding? (Unnamed readers)

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