The Mother-in-law ‘most Monster “vietnamese Screen, Coming To’ Sunny Day About ‘is Even More Scary!

Lan Huong's NSND is a rice actress and has the same beauty. The actress owns many impressive roles on Vietnamese screens, especially the most difficult husband mother's roles that make the strawberry frightened 9: 00/3: 30 namBa Hien in the sunny day about sunny days The film is being interested in many audiences at the present. In the film, NSND Lan Huong plays Ms. Hien - Mr. Hung's wife (NSND Trung Anh)

. Ms. Hien is very unlikely to know the daughter-in-law Van Khanh (Lan Phuong) by Germany (Hong Dang) and Khanh married by "Breaking" first. Ban Hien just likes to eat well, gathered friends, passionate power in the neighborhood
Ms. Deputy wore his grandmother to her grandmother - Ms. Nga (Thanh Quy) and the default was her responsibility and obligations. When Russia was not careful for her to be injured, Ms. Hien was a way, shouting the Um. This mother-in-law also requires Van Khanh to cook, clean up the house every time she invites your friends to a business house. Friends that Ms. Thong said his home maid. With excessive actions of Ms. Hien, the audience believes that Vietnamese screens in the end of 2021 will appear an additional "her husband's mother-in-law" that makes many women think about the flower car is afraid
In the Film Film Lan Huong once became the arising point when he played a fastidious, blind mother-in-law in the warm fire. However, she has behaviors, taking the old lover of her son in a man's ex-lover, cutting the daughter-in-law, causing the viewers to be extremely inhibited. When the old lover of his son confided that she had Missed with her son Mai Mai, she was not a little doubt. Ms. Mai even received Ngoc (Thu Quynh) to be adopted in the family, often sneaky to meet. She also asked Ngoc Minh (Truong Minh Thai) to transfer work. When Ngoc suggested to share to France, she also agreed. Despite his daughter Mai Anh (Hang Nga) prevented, warning Ngoc was "Tam Tam", Ms. Mai still put full faith. Mai was asking for love, easily believing she said, instead of believing The daughter-in-law (Thuy Hang) so she has made many things that make the daughter-in-law sad, even spark the marriage crisis of the couple - Minh. The film has a time to create a fever on Vietnamese screen. With her mother-in-law - the bride, NSND Lan Huong with the character Ms. Phuong has deleted very a very monstrous leg of the mother-in-law with his daughter-in-law (Bao Thanh). Taking care of the family, especially the boy's son name (Anh Dung). Because I love to cover it, so when the son married his wife, the more eyes of her eyes and clinging to the young couple, sometimes to the extreme level. Even in the wedding night of Van - Thanh, she still rushed into her son's room to correct the mulberry. She silently watched the most dynamic and arranged everything to "get rid of" the daughter-in-law out of the house and get a new wife for her son. Ms. Phuong's jobs in the film Living with her mother-in-law Depression and family atmosphere are always in stress. Therefore, Ms. Phuong is called a monster mother-in-law, causing many spicy audiences hateful. On such any hateful screen but in real life NSND Lan Huong is famous for being a good female artist, extremely psychological . In particular, NSND Lan Huong is also very wounded and close to the mulberry. "I'm not like in that movie at all. If my daughters are a bit fearful, they will like it but there is no one afraid of me. From the day there are a daughter-in-law, two people cooperate with each other. They all call My parents are Mr. Ky, Ms. Huong. " - NSND Lan Huong fun sharing.Lam Ngoc - Tue Lam

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