The Mother-in-law Was Given 180 Million Dong On The Wedding Day, Until She Was Withdrawal, The Daughter-in-law Was ‘silent’ Because The Amount In The Card

Maybe Ly Hong has never suspected the amount in the card so.00 am: 00/3: 30 Southern ceremony is part of the wedding customs in most Chinese regions. Depending on the locality, it can be cash, jewelry or other disciplines that the groom family gives the bride. However, not every family qualifies to prepare the ceremony to decend There should be many families who have to think about how to "beautify" the two family members. Finally sometimes because of this, it is not a good influence on family members' relationship, just like sharing the girl's recent name of Ly Hong in China

.lý pink and husband has 5 years of love Far away, finally the love also went to the last stage. Boyfriend Ly Hong always treated her very well with her, the two decided to get married this year and began to prepare for the wedding. Young people ask the parents to both sides a total of 200,000 yuan (equivalent to VND 720 million ) To pay for a house
Because the two-sided family conditions are not quite fake, it is almost as much as the parents have brought all the money to her husband and wife. It has bought the house but Ly Hong's parents still argue about her festival. . Father Ly Hong said that although the two families are not rich, there must still be a gift for her, further according to local customs, the number of crew must be 50,000 yuan (equivalent to VND 180 million), not Lack of a coin. illustration. Ly Hong said that doing so also want to be good for girls. If now for buying a house where Ly Hong does not need another money, when she goes home, her status will be lowered. The husband will also because of this without underestimating her, thinking it doesn't lose one The ceremony also welcomed his daughter-in-law to go home. Ly Hong has another perspective, she thinks every family spends 100,000 yuan to buy a house for her husband, this is also the best effort of Family husband, maybe they can't worry about the holidays. Moreover, the new house bought is also of her couple, so it doesn't need to do it hard to ask to ask for the Festival
If her family definitely claims to have a Ceremony, this may break the affection of the daughter's husband and wife, later when the strawberry will not avoid the talks. Ly Hong thoroughly see the words His mother said it was reasonable. It was quite pleased with Ly Hong's mother, she said she said she was wise and understood, knowing sympathy to others and promised to give Ly Hong a lucky style. She heard her mother spoke so happy but didn't dare to ask anything more. And so the marriage is still celebrated as planned. In the Festival, Ly Hong's couple vows to love and respect each other until the silver head is long. When tea for parents on both sides, Ly Hong's mother is very happy, standing up to declare on both sides of the family that because of the piety of the new mulberry, she will give Ly Hong a style of lucky lucky 50,000 yuan .In that minute she was extremely surprised, unexpectedly the mother-in-law thinks for me so, certainly she thought of local customs and didn't want my daughter-in-law to come here, Ly Hong was as decided The later mind will take good care of her husband's family. She was emotional to take a lucky bag, inside with a bank card. The next day, when everything related to the wedding was arranged, Ly Hong to the bank to withdraw money. Unexpectedly, she knew that in the card didn't have a companion. Hey, she was surprised and disappointed to return to her mother-in-law. At this point, she said the truth, that only because it wants to keep the family, so I have to do so. Because this mother's mother-in-law has argued with each other. She also said in her eyes with only money, without anything when I returned here to be strawberry. Ly Hong felt extremely hurt, she herself originally didn't need to have a ceremony, her husband did so Must only to meet your disciples and my family without thinking about my daughter-in-law's feelings? According to Phan Linh / Law

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