The Mother Steeply Saved 2 Children In The Cruise Ship Sink Before Died

Four days on the sea after the cruise ship, the mother only drank his urine and for 2 young children to maintain life. A woman in Venezuela was praised by many people as "heroes" because Dedicated to taking care of two small children after the cruise ship drilled them wrecked in the sea. The victims had to float on the sea for 4 days before the rescue force found. The mother in Venezuela sacrificed to the last breath to save 2 small children in the cruise ship. (Photo: Twitter) According to Newsweek, the 4-person family consisting of Mariely Chacón, her husband and 2 children are Jose David (6 years old) and Maria Beatriz Camplor Chacón (2 years old) made a resort beach trip from Higuerote to Tortuga Island In Venezuela

. On the train there are 5 others. However, due to large waves, the hull was broken as seawater into the inside and sank. The incident happened on March 3, after the ship was submerged, the survivors of Ms
Chacón and two children and prescribed forced to cling to the life buoy. They are in the sea for 4 days between the hot sun. To maintain life for 2 children, Ms. Chacón has no other way to drink his urine itself and then leave the breastfeed. The rescue force found when lying next to the mother. However, Ms. Chacón now died. "Before died, the mother tried to breastfeed his milk, while the mother only drank his urine. She died 3-4 hours before the rescue force reached the scene. The cause of death is due to dehydration and victims have not been drank water for 3 days, "New York posted a spokesman Venezuela National Maritime Agency (INEA)
In the same time Ms. Chacón is Veronica Martinez which is also found to live on a lifebuode. Samples were determined to suffer from degree 1 and dehydrated burns. The other 5 others covering her husband Chacón still missing after the cruise ship sink. Inea spokesman admitted it was difficult to find people who were missing. Ms. Chacón's death made Venezuela extremely shocked. Many people expressed admiration against the sample of the death, she chacón for children. Ms. Chacón's funeral was held on September 11 and was broadcast live on YouTube. Her Chacón was Mr. Humberto Chacón painfully shared, trip "simply the whole family's outing to buy Fun for the kids ".

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