The Mother’s 2-dimensional ‘gastrics With Rich Trays Despite Just Processing Around Meat And Fish

Each meal at home is prepared by Ms. Nguyen Van Ha (Hai Phong), which is prepared for the whole form and the diversity of nutrition that makes anyone look: 00/2: 01 South of the business Busy but every day Ms. Van Ha spent time to get into the kitchen to prepare meals for his family's dear members. Before the other couple Ha Ha had less time to eat together, so she tried Enter the kitchen every day to spread your husband to eat rice. "Everyone is very busy, hoping for family rice rice to bring her husband home after every day, even if I'm busy, I also arrange the cooking time

. Really family meals really mount everyone in my family together. The meal doesn't have time, I cook simple with a soup and a salty dish. Which meal is free to cook, cook this dish
I don't even have time or when you are lazy, you can buy it, it is important to have fun eating together, "Ms. Ha said. Save time for cooking every day, Ms. Ha goes to the previous menu, whichever takes a long time to prioritize cooking first. "When every day there was a warehouse, I warele the food first and then went to plug the rice picked up vegetables, Or while frying fish can take advantage of cooking ... mostly cook a lot, cook often, who will know how to balance the time. Thus, it is tired when entering the kitchen, but the psychology is not heavy with cooking, with every tray I only takes about 1 hour to finish. My rice is almost around some meat, fish, Shrimp, eggs but different processing, everyone will not feel bored, "Ms
Ha shares. Hà - Fashion business in Hai Phong, Ms. Ha has 2 spouses and 2 children but each person likes to eat a style . Most dishes that she cooks are quite pale, mainly boiled, stir-fried, fried dishes. If there is a warehouse, it does not have a northern-style salinity that will cook and add a southern style. Dessert fruits are prioritized to choose seasonal fruits. "I don't go through any professional cooking, but only make traditional dishes learn from my mother, which is watching it online and follow it. It is also quite focused on nutrition to ensure lack of substances but also does not led to obesity, "said Ms. Ha.

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