The Movement Of The Wife Took A Husband To Overcame The Most Decipal Sex Caused Many Tears

The life of her husband and wife and couple took a new turn when her husband was a labor accident, a prognosis of Heavy Prognosis.0: 00/3: 55 Nam NuNhau Truongkhi to enter the marriage, every couple Promising to be with the other person despite rich or poverty, despite sick or healthy. However, not everyone keeps that promise. The difficult life causes many people to change their hearts, turning their face, turning away from his most loving person. Unexpectedly suddenly comes with young couples who have a young wife to increase Thuy Thuy (residing in Hai Duong) told that She loves each other for 2 years and then held a wedding

. Ms. Thuy - Anh Nguyen Khac Dat ADVERTISING ARTICLES ADVERTISING. In the eyes of Ms
Thuy, he achieved as a gentle, lively man, hard and helping people. Their marriage life seemed to be so smooth after two boys were born. Happy family of Mr. Dat - Ms. Thuy. (Photo NVCC) However, the incident comes on June 19, 2020. The young man reported that Mr. Nguyen Khac Dat and the two friends were electric shock while hanging the banners in the gate of Gia Loc district (Hai Duong province). The two friends who worked with him died have died and he achieved the severe prognosis, the most deck of birth. "At that time, my feelings were confused, fearful, grieving
I don't think anything. His condition is too heavy, so it is so urgent to save the brain. I have to try to take a static, don't dare to cry" , Ms. Thuy recounted. Suffering, suffering because her husband suddenly had an accident, prognosis not passed, Ms. Thuy still tried to keep calm and think of the most active things. "I think very positively because I think I have 2 small children. I and my husband have to live to raise children," Young wife said. How hard it is, Ms. Thuy is always strong, encouraging Husband tries to pass. (Photo NVCC) Mr. Nguyen Khac Dat is treated in Hai Duong General Hospital. After the surgery, he fell into a coma. After the time in an emergency department actively because the prognosis is too heavy, he was transferred to Le Huu Trac National Park Hospital. After more than 1 week of treating burns, he was transferred to Military Medical Hospital 103. At that time, Ms. Thuy was always with her husband, taking care of her husband, encouraging him to try to treat to soon recover. And the magic To, he reached recovered after the treatment made the doctor himself had to be unexpected. After that, he was home to resting a while before returning to the hospital to match the skull. Currently, his health reached stabilized. Perhaps it is because the feelings of the wife helped him achieve the motivation for active treatment and restoring so quickly. How difficult is it, still keeping optimism through the event, Ms. Thuy always Try to be strong, keep the spirit optimistic. "When my husband was accident, the prognosis was not over, he tried not to cry because he was afraid of his husband. If he was exhausted at that time, who would play her husband, take care of her? I am very strong, never thought pessimone. Although the husband was still a coma still smiled, he still smiled, talking to her husband, hoping that he would hear, "Ms. Thuy Tam. The mother 2 children confided, the time her husband was accident With both economic pressure, more pressure from public opinion, society but because of her husband, loving, she passed. "I went on to pray that I kept living well, the blue sky will safely", the wife added. On a group association, Ms. Thuy shares the story with her husband overcome the most decipal and has received attention , Attention of the network community. In the post, the young wife recorded the journey to take her husband to take treatment after the accident, the state of her husband when moved to the hospital, after many surgery and until she was discharged home. Ms. Thuy's article has received a lot of sympathy and blessings from everyone. Many people expressed strong touches before the affection of a faithful wife, Cao Khang for their husbands. (Screenshot) "Wife is amazing, wish you two happy," User Le HOA writing. "I have seen each photo to know the story of your two couple. Happiness 2 friends. Experience difficult trouble seeing the meaning of life", User Nguyen Minh Comment. Posts, Ms. Thuy wants to transmit an active energy to everyone with the wishes that couples are always attached to each other: "I am my husband, so I have witnessed many difficult circumstances Towels and couples do not have money to cure or have deteriorated wives abandoned their husbands. But I think couple are running out of love, just need us to listen, understand, calm down the problem Two will soon surpass the situation. "Quynh Trang

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