The Mulberry Daughter Sanctes Hundreds Of Trillion To Buy Pearls, Her Mother-in-law Still Suspects: Is It False?

'My daughter-in-law is often in love, suddenly buying me a gift worth 100,000 yuan. Do you see if this is a fake? '0: 00/2: 34 Southern Vietnam, Mother-in-law - The bride is always a complex relationship, easily creating a conflict in the family. Many marriage stands on the broken bride just because the bride does not know how to respect her mother-in-law or mother-in-law is too heavy with prejudices. Women's outer than 50 years old, she brought a lotus-shaped pearl figure for my daughter-in-law. This is a few months, on a mother-in-law birthday, the daughter-in-law has bought a lotus-shaped jade as a gift because in the name The mother-in-law has the word "Lien" - meaning "lotus"

. The bride is still honest that this statue is purchased for 100,000 yuan (equivalent to over 350 million VND). The symbol of Ngoc Hoa Sen statues on the stage "Testing a treasure". Photo: Sohunghe finished "the heavenly price" of the statue, the mother-in-law felt unusual
On the show, the mother-in-law was frankly expressed: "My daughter-in-law is often in love, suddenly buy me a gift worth 100,000 yuan. See if this is Fake things? "Related news Standing strikers made the viewer 'sweating': This painter has supernatural capabilities? Her statement makes extremely confused experts, daughter-in-law has a gift My mother-in-law suspects so unjustly. The experts only know how to quickly receive the statue for assessing, finding a way "Thanh Minh" for the bride at home. The jade is carved with a lotus radio, pulses There are also small animals such as dragonflies, birds. The family comments the statue is to be made from Ngoc Thuy Thuy, but this pearl is just a secondary jewel, located in a long-term ground so inside Many impurities and cracks. The lights in the jewel statue, the jade experts were stained. Photo: Sohu praiser is that these defects have been taken away to form lotus petals. Finally, the artist covered a color layer of dyeing on the entire statue so this color of Ngoc was no longer natural color. Another unfortunate thing is the statue describing the lotus scene growing from the rock, Article This doesn't seem true for reality when lotus often grows in ponds and lakes. At this point, experts are also unknown what artisans' meanings
Photo: Sohu Finals, experts offer a valuation level for this work of 80,000 yuan, not as high as the price that the daughter-in-law has bought. But experts also don't forget to message the mother-in-law don't think much about money, it is important to be the heart of the bride. Anyway, the girl also tried to give her mother-in-law a meaningful birthday gift.

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