The Mysterious Disclosure In The New ‘unique’ Iron Chest Was Discovered, Making The Opinion ‘lost’

A steel structured iron chest has spent nearly 2000 years in the rubble of an ancient Roman villa in Italy which is shocking the world.0 of the year. The archaeologist had to try hard to open a rare chest with steel spikes and copper borders. The historians believe that such iron chests are often used by the Roman Empire's nobility and are left in remote areas in luxury villas. Up to now, only a few similar chests exist until our time

. Villa is located in the outskirts of the ancient Roman city Emerita Augusta (Today Mérida, Spain), is one The broadest archaeological areas in Spain and UNESCO World Heritage Since 1993. The excavation began in 2017, but the new iron chest was found about 6 months ago. It takes a few more months so that archaeologists can unlock it to ensure every detail of the iron chest even if the smallest details are preserved because this is a historical discovery as possible
In the iron chest, archaeologists find a lot of gold money, some jewelry, long-term expensive fabrics decomposes and documents written on leather paper. Interesting things for these Scientists and collectors themselves this chest themselves will give us more valuable things than gold inside. The rest of the chest may be auctioned. The price of such a chest can be up to a few dozen to hundreds of thousands of euros. Bao Linhtheo TrendyMen (Russia)

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