The Mysterious Light Appeared In The Chinese Sky 840 Years Ago

The mystery of supernova origin appeared in the Chinese sky 840 years ago was answered. Insue 1181 ancient astronomers have discovered something bright as a new planet appearing on The sky is recorded in many Chinese and Japanese documents, describing a new light in the earth sky, which looks like Saturn and observed for 6 months. An ancient astronomers believed that it was an explosive star. They marked its approximate position in the sky and named "Chinese visitors". The mysterious universe status of the 12th century still has no answers until the international astronomer group From Hong Kong (China), Spain, England, Hungary, France announced the latest discovery

. Then, exotic objects in the sky in the past are Tinh Van Pa 30, Now can only look See the telescope. The international astronomers group realized that PA30 nebula was expanding with a maximum speed of over 1,100km / sec. With this speed, moving from the earth to the moon will only take 5 minutes
Astronomers use this speed and calculate the age of the nebula about 1,000 years, coinciding with the 1181 events. Study published on September 15 in The Astrophysical Journal Letters said, nebula PA30 surrounds one of the hottest stars Milky waxes named Parker's Star, in accordance with the shape, location and age of the guest star in the Chinese antique document. According to Live Science, the study also points out the star Pa 30 guests are not only 1, but two extremely dense stars collided inside the Milky Way galaxy and exploded. The explosion caused the formation of Parker's Star and a nebula - which is the shell and dust that is relaxing - is PA 30.Nam 1181, Tinh Van Pa 30, when it is "supernova" The ruins of the new star explode, clearly appearing in the sky from August 6, until 6/2 of that year. "It's great to answer both the mysteries of history and astronomy," said Professor Albert Zijlstra of the University of Manchester (UK), a member of the research team. Hoa (T / H)

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