The Mysterious Military Military Helicopter Appeared In The Us Farm

Two regular powers are US and Russia do not have many opportunities to use or consider each other's military equipment. However, an unusual incident happened in the United States earlier this year when the Russian Mi-17 helicopter was discovered in Northern California.02: 00/1: 40 Southern Mi-17 souvenirs are being Repair at a farm in Northern California. (Image: Air Facts) It is around May when Dan Moore, a member of the civil aviation patrol force, discovering the unusual visit of not only one but two mysterious helicopters to the page His camp in Northern Carolina. First, a Russian Hip-produced Mi-17 helicopter made an emergency landing, and then, a Bell 407 helicopter came, carrying replacement parts Needed

. "I received a call from my neighbors saying:" Hey, do you know there is a helicopter in your front yard? "" Wait, what? Helicopter? In my farm? I was very confused to know someone who made an emergency landing on my farm, "Air Facts Air Facts magazine quotes Dan Moore. Mi-17 helicopter has a colored trouble Painting black and brown camouflage. Moore also recorded a video of the helicopter landing on his farm
Although the photos or videos do not show any signs to determine the identity n The controller, the helicopter clearly has military functions such as the sensor round tower under the cockpit along with additional armor on the side of the helicopter. When the Bell 407 helicopter was discovered to fly over Los Angeles, the news page Thedrive has speculated that the aircraft governing unit may be an aviation technology office (ATO), an extremely secret unit of the US military. It is very possible that the Mi-17 related to this problem is also operated by ATO.anh minh

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