The Mysterious Smile Of Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa looks like a meaty bone, she is attractive with a confusing beauty and mysterious <: 00/5: 10 southern streetwalking street when seeing the luxury dresser put the palanquin off the gate The house of Leonardo da Vinci noctors. [...] A moment later, Mr

. Giocondo and his wife and maid sitting in the narrowan's workshop.Mona Lisa showed embarrassment and felt bored to sit still. Her face showed a disappointment
But then the scene in the workshop made her notice: Figure a knight wearing armor beside the eases, in the middle is a strong bearded painter, who will make her image immortal on the fabric background. Thus, she will have to sit still without moving, staring at a point, while a stranger will not take your eyes off her. Look at her face, Leonardo thought: - Next time I have to invite By the cloud to make a game for her. [...] Mona Lisa painting is now on display at the Louvre Museum, Paris, France. Source: Wikipedia.Mona Lisa started to go to Leonardo's workshop. New people, strange views with stuffed birds, lizard skeletons and small animals, and many other experiments have attracted her attention
In the house, around her only Books, she only heard stories about lending, rotating capital and profits. Both the workshop and at home, they have fun to buy fun for her. [...] Leonardo worked hard with all passion. He watched Mona Lisa's mood. The tedious lifestyle of the trader of silk trafficking has fallen sleepless. For him, it is important to stay awakened by the woman who has been known for everything. [...] Mona Lisa often sat silently and was shy ahead of the tall painting with gray blue eyes. But suddenly once, she spoke. She asked about the wisdom of the artists, poets and inventors. In addition, she also wanted to know why the animals know hi hi hi to save their children. She asked a vague question: - I don't know what it is and why so. In the world there are many things that are difficult to understand, how can we evaluate people? There are people who know a lot of things. Some people can predict the weather. I met people like the like.Leonardo smiled, then he said seriously: - If the wife wanted, I will tell a fairy tale to her wife. "Fairy story? The true strange! ", Mona Lisa thought. Dang nodded in agreement and nickly listened. Why did Leonardo remembered a grandmother's favorite fairy tale when I was old. Although it was old, it was religious again , He will tell another. "It was a long time ago, it was not yet put a stone to build Florence, even Rome hadn't appeared. There was a person who gave four boys : Three smart kids, and one child is not foolish. It is not possible to predict him in a smart or not because almost when he is silent. He likes to wander in the co Buttocks, likes to watch the sea and often seriously think alone. But the father died. Before losing, he called the children to and said: - My children, I don't live long. After you're finished burial, go to the horizon where the corner of the tank to find your own happiness. Each child attempts to take a job to be able to raise himself. After burying. daddy finished, four boys t Rai hit the way to find happiness. They negotiate with each other three years later will return to the empty forest where they often go to find firewood and tell each other to see what they have found. Three years have passed. Remember the attendance, four brothers from places returning to the familiar empty forest. The British both arrived at the first place, he learned a carpentry. Sitting sadly, he buckled a big tree, peeled and sculpted into a girl, then went to a side to wait. The second brother arrived, learned to be a sewing career so when he saw wooden girl, He decided to make her a suit. Inherent skilled, in the moment he had finished the beautiful silk clothes. The third brother arrived, because he was the goldsmith so he was wearing a girl who had enough gemstone. I went back. He did not learn carpentry, nor did she learn the sewing career. He only heard the voice of the soil, of the grass, of marriage and knows how to sing wonderful songs. He saw the magnificent wooden girl wearing a gorgeous clothing, who was full of gem gold, but she didn't listen, unaware and not to walk again. When he was singing. That song blew the soul for the wooden girl, she suddenly smiled and breathed gently. Suddenly, the three British danced towards her and coaring loudly: - I have created her, she must be his wife Ta! - You must be my wife because I led her clothes. - I made her rich, she was my wife! But the girl answered: - Who created me, please be a father I. Who sew clothes for me and wear jewelry for me, please make my brother. And you gave me c

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