The Mystery Of Death Of Sandgus And Strange Hypotheses

When Than Than Than died in 1227, many rumors spread that Mr. Death in battle battle, or castrated by a princess. But modern researchers have affirmed that the death of the Mongolian conqueror is much more than 9:00 to 6: 15 Nouthern Southern Materials recorded that Thanh Cat Nan died after 8 days of forest disease but the cause The disease is still mysterious. Photo: Getty Images Death of Than Cat Tan Tan has become the debate topic of scholars for nearly 800 years. The story of his brutal dynasty as the founder of the Mongolian Empire was recorded a lot

. However, his death is mostly the mystery. At this time, historians are still questioning: How do you die. The scholars often agree that the generals on the Mongolian horse died in August 1227 at the age of 60 - According to a text in the 14th century named "housing history"
This document indicates that Cat Tieu died 8 days after the sickness, experts are still not sure what the disease has killed him. Some believe that the culprit is typhoid; Others said he did not fight with wounds on battle, as an infection or deadly arrow from horseback. There are people who believe that sandsturema is castrated by the princess he detained, and died of blood loss. However, a recent study shows that all these explanations for death Of Cat Tu Han is just a legend. So how are General Wars all over the Eurasian continents really died? The bloody dynasty alarms the death of the city of Cat Tu's name, or Chinggis Khan, the world famous, but The notorious ruler of Mongols actually has a real name Temujin. Born around 1162 in Mongolia, Temujin was put this name to honor the victory to arrest the leader of his father's Tatar. The team of Cat Tu Han was said to have massaged about 40 million people in the The conquest of Northeast Asia. Photo: Flickr Sandstested Sugar is born with a blood clot in the hand, according to folklore, it is a sign of his leadership in the future. Five into the 9-year-old Cat to 9 years old, his father was killed by Tatar people, and he was forced to take the father's mission. However, to do that, Thanh Than Than was forced to kill the British with the other Father
Dynasty of Cat Tu Cat in consolidating the tribes to create a unified and powerful Mongolian Empire began With his marriage with Borte, the konkirat tribe daughter. Today, his legacy as a man can be found in January 200, Mongolia, originating from polygamy. When the power of Genghis Khan is growing, his harem is too. After being arrested by Taichi people for a short time in 20 years old, Thanh Cat Tu Han returned and expanded its army to 20,000 People by consolidating with many tribes to destroy Tatars permanently. He ordered killing all Tatar men taller than 1 meter, then boiled Tatar chiefs. Dung Dung Thanh Thau Han. Photo: Wikimedia Commonstrong Championships, Genghis Khan is not only to use spies throughout Northeast Asia, but also use flag signals and smoke to combine ambushes. The Mongolian army often carries the bow, shields, daggers and alarms to attack the enemy. The cavalry of Than Cat Than is extremely good in horseback on horseback, they are comfortable using hand to use the rival to pull opponents from horses or just throw TB models and afford. After conquering all tribes Mongolia enemy around 1207, Thanh Cat Tu Han officially on the throne of Genghis Khan, meaning "global ruler", becoming the supreme god of Mongolia. But when the population explodes and supplies Food grade starting scarcity, from 1209, Thanh Cat Tu Han began to look at China with the rich rice fields. How was the rich sandy field? With the strength of storms, sandburths Conquered the Western Kingdom in Northeast China quite quickly, then defeated the tons of tons. But his war aims to achieve thousands of rice fields in Trung Nguyen is much more difficult and takes nearly 20 years to win. Mongolies in the battle against the troops, China in 1211 . Photo: Wikimedia Commons in 1219, Thanh Cat Tu Han met the obstacle to the conquest of Khwarizm in the Middle East. The leader of this kingdom slashed his messengers and sent the authority. When the sandsturveted sandy requested Western and Tan Houses helped to defeat Khwarzim, he denied. Instead, these two competitors formed alliances against Mongolia. Sandburthus launched a cruel attack with three spearheads, including 200,000 troops, aiming at Khwarizm in the Middle East. His troops went to where they were slaughtered, high-level people like the mountain in every city they destroyed. After defeating Khwarizm in 1221, Thanh Cat Tu Han returned to Tay Ha.Tuy Nh

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