The Mystery Of The World’s Largest Cave: The Scene Where The Realm

Over millions of years of geological changes, became the largest natural cave in the world, owns Son Doong countless interesting mysteries of creation. Especially scenic beauty realm tuc.0 first place: 00/3: domain 31Nu NamSu majestic and monumental landscape of Son Doong cave was making it officially became the first and only places in the world all three institutions are world record and set a record current account. Includes: Guinness Organization (based in UK), World Record Association (based in Hong Kong) and Guinness World Alliance (based in the US and India) Draw beautiful wonders of mountain ecosystems extremely unique, diverse in Son Doong. (Photo: hmegahdwall

.com) Hang Son Doong cave complex of Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park, located in Son Trach commune, Bo Trach district, Quang Binh province, Vietnam. According to geologists, Son Doong cave was formed by around 2-5 million years with the estimated length of at least 6.5 km, 200 m high, 150 wide m
Voi size as above, hang Son Doong took the world record of the caves in the national park Deer Gunnung Mulu (Malaysia), became the largest natural caves, majestic and splendid gioi.Hang Son Doong most similar place between mountains Elysium Forest. (Photo: Son Doong formed on a fragment of the Annamite Mountains and river waters are corrosive Rao Thuong over millions of years, creating a huge tunnel beneath the limestone. The cave ceiling cracks and subsidence corroded, forming large sinkholes information externally. Inside the space wonders that is a world apart, a natural wonder rare cause of conquering Son Doong staggering. (Image: National Geographic) As a wonder priceless creation , Son Doong brims interesting things, like no other in the world, attracting scientists and explorers such as ecosystems, unique, weather diversity and the geological structure of the giant and originality. (Photo: John Spies / Barcroft Media) one piece roof of Son Doong cave collapsed many years ago has created conditions for the light came in, lush development, creating a spectacle spectacular with a forest in the heart of the cave. Explorers named this place was the Garden of Eden. (Photo: wiki-travel2) These pearls unique caves formed by thousands of years of accumulation and erosion
(Photo: Ryan Deboodt) Cave pearls in dried lake terrace, with incredible beauty. Structured nature through thousands of years, crystalline calcium has surrounded the small sand particles to form the "pearls" rare. "Pearls collection" priceless, near the Garden of Eden in Son Doong cave Son Doong.Hang was named one of the most beautiful caves. (Photo: blogspot) Hang Son Doong also fascinate visitors by the diversity of geological terrains in special underground rivers and caves, stalactites system wide lon.He giants like mighty with high stone column to more than 70 shoots m (even higher than the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, France) and bring enough shape that formed millions of years truoc.Khung dreamy scene of limestone. (Photo: Ryan Deboodt) Hang Son Doong cave was first held three world records and set a record. (Photo: Carsten Peter) giant stalactites wall about 70 meters high overhangs at depths over 6 kilometers below the Son Doong cave was named "Great Wall of Viet Nam." Wall was dubbed the Vietnam Wall, also known as the "Great Wall" of Vietnam. Wall Vietnam after the second into the path hang.Nhung cement giant stalactites inside the cave. (Photo: vietcetera) With Event Date 04/05/2009, after the find and discover Son Doong cave, expedition Royal has shocked the world. Finding Son Doong cave is like finding Mount Everest underground dat.Lan England (t / h)

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