The Name Of The Communication Is Specially In Her Husband With The Song ‘who Gives Me Love’

In the funeral of her husband, the female name of Giao Linh was compacted with choking pain "who gave me love 'to farewell her mate.0: 00/1: 37 nuoc nghiep Vo Thanh Sang (James Vo) husband's husband The feminist delivered suddenly died in the US at 16 o'clock on September 22, 2021 (local time). His corpses went to the youngest house in California to visit their relatives and then take cremation. His ashes will be taken to Canada for his family to worship his vow. Before taking Mr

. Vo Thanh to go to the Radio Tang, the female name delivered compression compressed to sing for me Love to see off a mate of eternal realms and husbands in the 30th anniversary of the wedding ceremony (1986-2016) - Photo: T.Vdanh Ca Giao Linh and Mr. Vo Thanh Sang since 17 years old , but then lost each other, twenty years later they met again and became a husband and wife
The music career of the list of delivery after marriage has the special closure of her husband. Mr. Vo Thanh Sang is a person who directly chooses the song for his wife singing in famous music albums released at home and abroad from the 1980s - 1990s as the old eyes, Purple Purple Purple, Road , Then tomorrow apart ... Giao Linh famous in Saigon music village before 1975 thanks to a particularly sad voice in sorry to listeners, she was informed and the audience contemplated the title "Sadown Late "- The art of that name associated with Giao Linh names for more than half a century ... and today the voice is once more sorrow when she choked up to see her overlapping last time .
.Video the list of communications "who gives me love" (music and the way) in her husband's funeral: TV

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