The New Chairman Of Vietinbank’s Board Of Directors Tran Minh Binh Has Everigned?

New Chairman VietinBank Tran Minh Binh has 22 years working at this banking system, undergoing many business businesses from international payment, card center, capital business, branch director .. .0: 00/3: 10 Southern Vietnam, September 7, Vietnam Industry and Trade Commercial Joint Stock Bank (Vietinbank) announced the appointment of Mr. Tran Minh Binh, General Director and Member of the Board of Directors to undertake the position of Chairman of the Board of Directors

. On 2019-2024. With that, Mr. Tran Minh Binh will take on the Party Committee Secretary of the Bank Party Committee 2020-2025
Dong Tran Minh Binh - New Chairman of Vietinbank. Photo: Nguoi Lao Dong Chairman VietinBank Tran Minh Binh was born on December 7, 1974 in Quang Binh. He holds a Master's degree in Business Administration at National Economics University - ULB University (Belgium). He is also a bachelor in accounting at the Banking Academy and has a high-level arduous argument. Tong Tran Minh Binh has over 22 years of experience working in VietinBank system, including 17 years to take on The positions of key professional managers from the head office to 8 years to undertake a senior leadership position at VietinBank. VietinBank Chairman Tran Minh Binh works in this bank system from January / 1999, a comprehensive experience of key business businesses of the Bank., From January 1999-7, 2002, Mr. Tran Minh Binh as an international payment department employee Vietinbank. Since August 2004, 2005, he moved up to the Secretary of the Office of Vietinbank. From May 2005 - December 2008, he was the Deputy Manager of Vietinbank Card Service and was appointed the position of Card Center From 1 / 2008-7 / 2010
From August 2010-12 / 2011, Mr. Binh sang as Vietinbank Investment Manager, Member of the Membership Council of Vietinbank Finance Leasing Co., Ltd. 2012-2013, He was the Deputy Director, Director of a number of large branches of Vietinbank. In 2014, Mr. Binh was appointed director of capital and market trading in the capital market head. At the same time, from 12 / 2013-6 / 2016, Mr. Cum served as president of Vietinbank Fund Management Company Limited. The 2013-2018 paragraph, Mr. Tran Minh Binh experienced high-level positions at Vietinbank Lao and Ngan branch Indovina joint venture goods. By October 2018, Mr. Binh was elected to participate in Vietinbank's Board of Directors, and made the right to the General Director. Only 2 months later, he was officially responsible for the bank's CEO as the largest bank in this system. Besides Mr. Binh as VietinBank CEO, the bank reaped many impressive business results. In the past 2020, the Bank's profit reached more than 17,000 billion dong, the second higher in the system, only behind Vietcombank. Dong Tran Minh Binh was a high-level manager of the political and qualities morality; Extremely intellectual, dynamic, creative, assertive, fierce, sensitive, always fulfilling comprehensively, excelling tasks on the tasks of delivery.

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