The New Love Comes To The Girl Who Is Questioned In A Dating Show

The latest conversation with MC Cat Tuong revealed the unexpected changes of the girl on dating to be demanding the virginity after joining the appointment program. Kim Buu once appeared in an appointment for lunch and suffered The man asked for a delicate story at the meeting. After appearing at a lunch appointment (Episode 288), Kim Buu Hole (39 years old, Ho Chi Minh City) - Ms. Employee Delivery Officer is asking for virginity Weather has received a lot of people's interest and sharing around as well as netizens. Repeat the MC Cat Tuong via Video-Call in the New Story Lunch Apartum, the audience can see life Ms

. Buu's difficulty, but the more optimistic spirit of this woman. In particular, she said she was also learning someone else after the dating dating united at a lunch appointment. Kim Buu was impressed by chubby appearance due to experiencing misery, only "eating "To not be hungry, don't care about fat
Orphaned parents since they were hearted, 3 brothers and grandmother also soon died, now she was living alone in the old room was renovated from a warehouse. "Room rent here was 700 Thousands / month, but difficult fluid so the landlord decreased to 500 thousand. It was first that it was a warehouse in her temporary, and later they were fixed but it was for a few years, still cracked and leaked, the rain here was a pleasure. I'm on the 4th floor so the wind jerks the song, but with the rent here is cheap so it's okay! " - Kim Buu shares. Largeness in circumstances requires early independence, Kim Buu many years of struggling to cover life. After nearly 40 years, it was not a piece of love to squeeze his shoulder, Kim Buu found himself if he also needed to be loved, even though she had ever thought before "what kind of love was" too much. " Going to lunch appointment, Kim Buu doesn't have any high requirements, just looking forward to a man who understands and loves himself, but the charm has not smiled with her. Cat Tuong met Kim Buu in a call Through the video. When I met again, she had a little bit of sandy when she couldn't cool her hand to be a suitable person for her. Kim Buu still shows optimism, comforting against female MC: "People don't press me nor sad anyone
I know you're not like everyone, they criticize this one, the other will stop. From small children, they are familiar with ". After the broadcast program, Kim Buu said he received a lot of friends and messaging and sympathy as well as mentally motivating. This made her life more fun, more friends. In the conversation with MC Cat Tuong, Kim Buu also revealed that there was another condition that also began to "nurture". Excitedly shared with her sandy sand: "There is one you texting, and done Mai anh in Ben Tre for me. Listening to the introduction, he was at his age, had a wife and two children. I also told the image of my own children or not, don't matter. "" Evening even if it is late, the image also waits for me to call to ask, the image to say about Ben Tre plays to know if it is Go to always. He talked very delicate, I tried to be half a month. The three cheeks of the image they live alone, do not have a family should also love, saying that it is unlikely to adopt the two children, "Kim Buu's share, MC Cat Tuong does not escape for her. Even so, Kim Buu said that the other boy wanted to go to Ben Tre to live if he could go further. But now she still likes in Ho Chi Minh City than getting used to this life. Can Kim Buu reveals about the man who is interested in her. Don't want a girlfriend to miss the chance of love, masters Give advice: "If you meet, I find it, don't be afraid, where it is. About Ben Tre asking for a job and the couple couple together. Just that the man is hard to work, caring about himself, doesn't rule out his appearance. "Dating before, Kim Buu was also frankly sharing she never knew what was love, please Sometimes ask friends. Many people find her too strong so also posing gender problems with her. Kim Buu himself from a young age was unfamiliar with dressing so it was difficult to create a feminine image, and nor was confident in his aesthetic guinea. Her, all the advice of her: "The man loves me, what size people love, don't criticize themselves. I am very 'yeast ", it is very good, but I am also a woman, when you have a man, it should be gentle, hard to pay attention to the appearance, wearing beautiful beautiful clothes to feminine A tiny. Wish you find a man who loves me, has a happy family home because I'm so hard. "

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