The New Sedan Master Unveiled: Designed Overshadow K3, Equipped With Hyundai Elantra

The newly released sedan can completely compete with a flat way with competitors like Kia K3, Hyundai Elantra, Toyota Corolla Altis or Honda Civic. HERE HERE, Changan Automobile Manufacturer from China has formalized Launched the Changan Uni-V sedan model. After two SUVs are Uni-K and Uni-T, Uni-V is the 3rd model of Changan.Changan Uni-V's Uni "Last" line with a base shaft of 2.750 mm with overall size x lengths x Wide x high is 4,680 x 1,838 x 1,430 (mm)

. According to the manufacturer's information, Changan Uni-V has a shaft length rate of 0.59 and the protruding part in front of 905 mm. These parameters help the vehicle have a gap between front wheels with rear wheels quite large, increasing stability and anti-slip for cars when moving at high speed
Changan Uni-V's ventricle is developed based on the sample Concept Changan Vision-V with modern, youthful and charming designs. Vehicles with sharp and slender headlight systems, combined with the characteristics of the universal border of the uni line, inspired by the word "V". Meanwhile, fog lights and wind holes are designed Angled, connected by thin bars Creating the word "V" stylized.Changan Uni-V has a sport-style tail with a bumper behind the pit, low layout brake lights below, dual exhaust pipes, clusters LED taillights run across and especially the electric wind wings can automatically lower, raise or adjust by hand, contributing to increasing the stability of the vehicle and reducing wind power. In the cabin, Changan Uni-V There is an eye-catching interior when combining gray and blue, dotted with more personality details. Changan Uni-V's cabin space is designed to be simple but modern with two screen layout sets Sole on the surface but is connected to each other, allowing drivers to easily read interactive information and navigate words The control panel during driving process. Changan Uni-V's 3-spoke sports is integrated to control the control key, while the ventilation holes are hidden. In addition, the Drive Compartment of Changan Uni-V also has infrared cameras to help users use Face ID to quickly log in to the ecosystem of vehicles and technology Who supports users to control basic features On the car, reminders and navigation to home ..
"Heart" of Changan Uni-V is the Blue Whale 1.5T engine with a maximum capacity of 138 kW and the maximum torque of 300 nm. This engine block allows Changan Uni-V to accelerate from 0-100 km / h in just 8 seconds and can then reach a maximum speed of 205 km / h.Changan Uni-V is classified as a sedan sedan C, competition with competitors like Kia K3, Hyundai Elantra, Toyota Corolla Altis or Honda Civic.

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