The Next Member Joined Hybe’s Girlgroup: Former Iz * One, Acting Okay, East Japanese Fan?

Beside two former IZ * One members, Miyawaki Sakura and Kim Chaewon, two other brightened names were also Netizen 'prophet' will contribute to the new female band team of Hybe and Source Music. About the participation of 2 former IZ * One members, Miyawaki Sakura and Kim Chaewon, Hybe's new girl group and Source Music are becoming the most exciting topic on news forums. Next to the information about two storm contracts, Netizen recently unexpectedly "prophet" adding 2 more names that will likely to play in this group of female "new alcohol" group.Chaewon and Sakura become mind The point of the following media rumors joined Hybe.theo many rumors, there will be 3 former IZ * One members named in the new girl group and 2 of which have been identified as Chaewon and Sakura

. The third member is said to be wondering between acting careers and returning to the professional Idol Road. According to that information, there are 2 former IZ * One members who are put into sights as Kim Minju and Kang Hyewon. The two she announced will pursue a professional acting career after IZ * One stops working
Minju is said to be the third member of IZ * One re-debut in the new group of Hybe and Source Music. , Netizen believes that people mentioned in rumors are Minju because she is one of the potential young actors of Korean film village. In addition, Minju also owns a large number of fans and high recognition by becoming MC for Music Core weekend music program. If Minju reunited with Sakura and Chaewon, Hybe will own the 3 Idol set of fans Nhat Dong Nhat Iz * One and is a suitable country for the company's new female group to strengthen the Japanese market. Ba Chaewon, Minju and Sakura have a number of non-Japanese fans. In addition to the other IZ * One is also receiving a lot of attention to the former Produce 48 - Pig Yujin, under Pledis. Although he stopped in the top 26, she had an extremely positive recognition in the Japanese market thanks to Japanese singing ability and appearance. Before that, Yujin was expected to debut In Pledis's new group with seniors Lee Kaeun. However, after Lee Kaeun announced to leave the company, many people showed concerns for the future of Yujin.Heo Yujin is also a bright candidate for the new female group of hybe
Another source for that she She will join I-land female version. But the appearance of the new female group of Hybe and Source Music changed Netizen's speculation. Based on the fame and suitability facts in the image of Yujin pig with Sakura and Chaewon, Netizen believes, she will be a bright name for the new Girl Group's squad to HYBE.

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