The Nobel Prize In Chemistry 2021 Is Honored To Study The Construction Of Molecules

2021 Nobel Prize in 2 scientists Benjamin List and David W.c. Macmillan. The project helps them win a prize in the process of developing a form of asymmetrical catalysis (Asymmetric OrganoCatalysis .2 Scientists Won Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2021Theo Nobel Council, Molecular Building is a "art " complex

. Two scientists Benjamin List (German) and David Macmillan (Americans) have developed a unique new tool to build molecules, which are organic catalysts. Applications of this tool include research of new pharmaceuticals, while helping chemistry become more environmentally friendly. Benjamin List scientistMany Fields and industries depend on the ability of the houses Chemistry in the creation of molecules can form elastic and durable materials, energy storage in the battery or inhibit the development of illness
This work needs catalysts - which are the substances that control and accelerate chemical reactions without becoming a part of the final product. There are two types of catalysts of metals and enzymes. Through independent research, Benjamin List and David Macmillan have created asymmetrical organic catalysts based on small organic molecules. Benjamin List studied whether or not the entire enzyme needed to create a catalyst. He checked whether an amino acid named ProLoline could catalyze chemical reactions. As a result, this compound works very well. David MacMillan scientifery then, David Macmillan works with a metal catalyst that is easily destroyed by moisture. He thinks it can develop a more durable catalyst using simple organic molecules. One of these molecules is very effective in asymmetrical catalysts. The asymmetric organic effect has brought the molecular building to a completely new height
This tool not only causes more "green" chemistry but also helps to produce asymmetric molecules to become much easier. Using these reactions, researchers can now build from new pharmaceuticals to molecules that attract light in photovoltaic batteries.2 Emmanuelle Female Charpentier (French) and Jenifer A.Doudna ( Americans) Get the Nobel Prize in the Nobel Chemistry 2020 with the dedication to the method of editing genes, pave the way for the new healing methods. Emmanuelle Charpentier (left) and Dr. Jennifer A. DoudnaAcA Charpentier is a researcher Working at Max Planck Diseases Science Unit in Berlin (Germany). Meanwhile, Ms. Doudna worked at the University of California - Berkeley (USA). They have discovered one of the sharpest tools of gene technology, which is the "pull" Crispr / CAS9. With this tool, the researchers can change the DNA of animals, plants and microorganisms with extremely high precision. Göran K. Hansson - General Secretary of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences - Stressing this is the "life code rewriting tool" and praises the revolutionary impact of this technology to scientific life. Achievements of these two scientists contribute to revolutionizing molecular life science, bringing new opportunities for crop breeding, contributing to creative cancer treatments and can turn The dream of healing genetic diseases into reality. From 1901 to 2020, the Nobel Chemical Prize was awarded 111 times and there were 7 women who used to receive the Nobel Chemistry Prize .: Nobel Prize, CNNPV

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