The Northwest Female Team For The First Time Has National Players

After 10 years of operation, the Women's Club of Son La has the first national recruitment when the Vietnam team focuses on preparing for the Chamber of Continent Prize in the Continent. Asian type 2022, Coach Mai Duc Chung summoned 34 players, including the presence of a representative of the Women's Club of Son La.The Vietnamese Women's Guizipy shared: "34 players are summoned this time From 6 clubs playing at the National Championship. In which, Son La Women Club for the first time contributing players to the team is Dang Thi Mai. Thai Nguyen Women Club, after a period of absence, has been contributed Return to Le Thi Thuy Trang "

." A mother "Pham Hoang Quynh returned to the country after a long time absent. Photo: VFF.Inish new faces, Vietnam recruiting also welcomes players who have been up to recruit, but they have to take a break for personal reasons
Pham Hoang Quynh and Tran Thi Thuy Trang are placed many expectations by coach Mai Duc Chung. "These are the core athletes of clubs, technical and good labels. Hoang Quynh has technical, longer Large schools but still actively and hold the key position of Ho Chi Minh City ", Mr. Chung shared. Also, Tran Thi Duyen and Duong Thi Van also returned after a long time to treat injury . "Van also returned to workout, but I won't use players to play now. I hope you gives up here to get a good practice, with good doctors," Mr. Chung said. Male will undergo a period of more than 2 months of focusing on training and playing separate from the outside world. According to midfielder Nguyen Thi Tuyet Dung, she and his teammates must accept and try to overcome
"When I practiced in Ha Nam club, limited to exposure, when we gathered in the team, there was no green army, That restricts a lot. But I think the whole team will focus on preparing the highest determination to this qualifying qualifier, "said Vietnamese Deputy Team said.HLV Mai Duc Chung also raised the gods Full team and said that collective elements will help him and students overcome difficulties before their eyes. "Until now, football including men and women all disputes fiercely, antagonism, can not have a collision. But I have a sentence: want to go fast, go alone, want to go away People, we have to unite, hold their hands tightly. Looking forward to the fans across the country always support our women's team so we can complete the mission. "This is focused this time of Vietnamese women divided into three states paragraphs. In the first stage, the players trained at the Vietnam Young Football Training Center. On August 1, the team went to training in Cam Pha, where the beach helps players change the air for about two weeks. At the final training stage in the country, the whole team will return to the Vietnam Young Football Training Center. In early September, if it is convenient, the whole team will go to foreign training with 2 friendly matches. On September 6, the Vietnamese Women's team will fly to Tajikistan to get acquainted climate and practice grounds before officially entering the tournament. Japanese players go into the European Champions League history on August 31 ( Hanoi Hours), Saki Kumagai shines with a far-away shot into a table, contributing to the Champions League championship record 5 times in a row of Lyon.

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