The Octopus Is Locked In A Glass Box With A Small Hole With A Radius Of Only 1.25 Cm And The Most Unbelievable Thing Happened

Octopus is a mathetic molluscular animal that moves very flexibly through small seabeds, can it get out of this small box? 0: 00/0: 46nam in the south of the animal The soft body does not have an inside skeleton as well as no hard shells outside protecting as snails so they are very flexible when moving through small obstacles at the bottom of the sea. Fuel a octopus can pass A small round hole with a radius is only about 1.25 cm, many people think that only the octopus's hard beak can suffer through the round hole, the octopus can 'head down the tail' through this hole. Octopus is the most hardware on their bodies, this mine is made of chitin and has a shape as well as the hardness of the mine of the parrot. Let's see if the octopus below can go through such a small hole! Watch the video: /

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