The Old Rock

The Rock is one of the most powerful names in Hollywood. However, on the screen, the muscular star is repeating itself.0: 00/6: 33 Navigen leads to diverting to acting since the late 1990s, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has early recognition Fairy when transforming into a scorpion king in The Mummy Returns (2001) and SCORPION King's own film (2002). The role has attached the rock with the image of muscle warriors on the screen. After two decades of rolling in Hollywood, The Rock owns a reputation A, a movie manufacturing company should make, the long list Passenger movies have been released and more of the work is queuing in the future

. The Rock is standing on top of the fame as a public person. However, where do you go far as an actor? The roles are cast from a Mold in July, The Rock returns to the wide screen with a 200 million USD blockbuster Jungle Cruise of Disney. The adventure film, the ambition to successfully recreate the success that Pirates of the Caribbean has reached the early 2000
The Rock and Emily Blunt has a combination of food in the first half of Jungle Cruise. Photo: Disney.In movies, The Rock Player Frank, a tour guide hand. Old boats were broken, debt, Frank often staged the tricks to hit the curious tourists. The fate smiled at Frank when he met Lily Houghton (Emily Blunt). Rich but less field understanding, Lily is on the way to find a flower to heal the sick. Frank attractive audience thanks to fish leaves and liberalism. The fact that he and Lily is always in the confrontation in thought and lifestyle also gives the film with the old part of Disney new colors. Frank is built from the same raw material to make Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp ) And Lily is just a variant of Elizabeth Swann (Keira Knightley), the audience is still for you to be sympathetic. Because Frank's standard deviations have refreshed the rock images on the screen
He said more and showed off her little muscles. However, when the audience was excited with the tour guide in the screen, Jungle Cruise suddenly "switched". At Three, the film returned to the heroic hero to save the "industrial" American style. Jungle Cruise's biggest yet is not in a faint end - I always know what to wait for me when A film labeled PG-13 from Disney closed - which is a wasted opportunity of The Rock.After Pain

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