The Old Woman’s Mouth Of The Whole Life, The Daredevil Pursuing The Glory

Women who own one of the mouths below often have a life of Bon Ba, strenuous, postpartum is not a better cost.0 of the year. The mouth has a female wrinkle with two lips tightened, the corner of his mouth is late down. There are many wrinkles on the lips, the face is like crying often carrying a hard number, specializing in a microprocessor said that these people often marry and have late children. Life from small revenues lived hard, until he was lonely old, his whole life was always hard for money

. The mouth deflected the mouth of the mouth is distorted, the bottom is not asymmetric. The lips have little wrinkles, big without collecting. The woman has a common mouth of the oral mouth to say, quite conservative, trying to handle
They always consider themselves, do not receive comments from others. On the way of career celebration, they don't have much prosperity so it is difficult to successful. The mouth of a movement or the mouth blows fire. This mouth has a lipstick characteristics of lips, small and round mouth, the corner of the mouth down, two sharp lips and not closed, even revealing the teeth. Female with this mouth is mostly talking, hard to hold Secret and uncontrollable personal feelings. This is also the type of person who does not keep money, usually wasting strength and spirit for money, children.4. The mouth of the boat of the boat capsule has a thin and thin lips and thin, the corners of the corners are delayed in an unusual way, curling down as a boat with upside down. The bruised brilliant, big teeth. This is a crafty person, saying the words do not keep words, in turn, or isolate themselves and think quite pessimistic
Because of that, their lives encountered quite a lot of obstacles, the whole life of three strenuousness.5. Fish mouths have a common mouth of carp oral lips, thin mouth, pointed mouth, late down, bruised lips. According to the General Study, this is a type of women with perceptions, likes a kemacy. This is also a champion to reveal the talent, how many gases and talents are according to it. The whole life they live in adventure, always falls into the lack of Ying Ying / VietnamNet

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