The One ‘finds Back’ Fish Sauce In Hai Binh

Leaving the head of a building of a construction company in Ho Chi Minh City with an income of over VND 30 million / month to return to the countryside, Mr. Nguyen The Hoang ever suffered by many people, criticizing. But by passion for the profession, love salinity of the sea and non-stop efforts, not restoring traditional fish sauce, he also created jobs with high income and stability for dozens of households Local. Hanh Nguyen The Hoang Restoring traditional fish sauce in Hai Binh with passion and responsibility for homeland. The Tam Diep route (Bim Son), the Cua Bang - Bai Son was built by King Quang Trung into a solid water base to advance to Thang Long

. At the time of the Nguyen Dynasty, this door was conducted by the dynasty to build a scale military fortress, solidly ..
the historical thickness is that, before reconciling in the sea mother, the Lach Lach is still Leave land in the villages of fish sauce hours. One of them is the village of fish sauce in Hai Binh ward (Nghi Son Town). According to seniors in Hai Binh, the sea is developed from the land declaration of the village. Mature boys are in the sea. At that day, shrimp fish caught a lot of effort, sold out very little, daily use, the people here came on how to complain with sea salt to create fish sauce. Lifetime life, they contributed experiences, then developed a fish sauce into a craft village to sell. It was a bold flavored fish sauce, the waved waves, tasted a sweet taste in the throat. There was a time, the fish sauce in Hai Binh followed the boats into Hue city. By the 60s - 70s of the last century, it was present in almost every major markets in Hanoi, such as Mo Mo, Dong Xuan market, .
. but then, as well as many Vietnamese fish sauce, in the whole time At the end of the twentieth century, a fish sauce job in Hai Binh was almost slightly silent. People here are only done to serve needs. Many people are regretful, but they are also just looking at the hand and watching the village in the decentrietary, forgetting ... at a university degree to make fish sauce, the fish sauce in Hai Binh has been restored and built With the brand brand, bring high income and stable for more than 50 households. This success has a huge role of Mr. Nguyen The Hoang, who is in Tan Hai village. Earlier he graduated from Hanoi Tourism College. Finished, he stayed in the city called Uncle, rolling on the building, working on the head of the Department for a construction company with an income of over VND 30 million / month and had a private house. But then, Lunar New Year in 2016 visited his hometown, through the elderly in the village, he felt traditional craft village pain no longer. Only that, Mr. Hoang decided to give up to return. And that is the biggest turn of his life until now.nh said: "Although his wife advised his wife, relatives in the family prevented, I still decided to give up jobs, sell houses in Ho Chi City Minh returned to his hometown to make a fish sound without regretting. Because of the small words, I was taught my parents how to make a fish sauce and a big brother to raise my brothers, eating a person. Listening to the fishery is no longer I like breaking each bow. I thought, had to do something to be responsible for my homeland and with my own family. "It must be a daring decision, as a difference of successful people. By until now, the stable income level of more than VND 30 million / month is still a desire of many boys coating the sea. Meanwhile, the fishery must usually have to be chiu, but income is not worth it. Starting, Mr. Hoang learns the process again, seeing the same or bad, self-analysis and explaining why the fish sauce The transmission system, thereby affirming the quality is a decisive factor, then any stage identifies the investment to get delicious fish sauce. He went to many famous fish villages in the country to learn, accumulating more experience, participating in the training course of market construction skills, product pepper. Then he borrowed money from relatives, bank loans to enter Phan Thiet to hire wooden sauce with Words, shopping more facilities and equipment for more than 3 billion VND to establish a fish sauce production Huy Phat. The first brother-produced fish sauce had a difference, both delicious traditionally and ensured food safety and hygiene. The time of 2019, the Huy Phat Facility gave to the market of about 10,000 thousand liters of fish sauce all kinds of brands, bringing income of more than 300 million dong. "My hometown fish sauce Fishery of Thanh Thanh. The name of the bar came and means it. Vi Thanh fish sauce is produced by traditional methods, applying more modern scientific methods, so fish sauce with cockroach, high protein, ensures a characteristic flavor, cannot be mixed with many Type of fish sauce in the market ". To work with Huy Phat fishing facility, Mr. Nguyen The H

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