The Origin Of Hotpot And Delicious Hot Pots ‘ceiling’

Hotpot is a dish originating from China and increasingly popular in many countries around the world each winter ve.0: 00/3: 45Nu NamLau domain is a dish originating from China and dates increasingly popular in many countries around the world each winter ve.Chi should say to 'pot' many diners felt warm, both literally and figuratively. Dishes with a variety of materials embedded in a hot pot of water on the stove can be found anywhere in China. Whatever is eaten all year round but the pot was mentioned as one of the top choices of the season dong

.De better understand the popularity of hot pot across Asia, there is no way better to return to the starting point this dish in the Middle Quoc.NGUON ORIGINAL oF LAULau supposedly first appeared in East Asia with a fairly simple reason. According to La Jolla Mom, the first information of pot or a similar dish was found in Mongolia about 900 years ago
Like many other dishes, the original soup stew meat are not spicy original. However, pot nine centuries ago certainly can not picky and many raw materials as they are today. The original purpose of this dish is so everyone can enjoy the vegetables to increase the nutritional meals an.Ngoai out, here's how to eat to help people at that time used the maximum of meat and vegetable scraps, avoid having to throw away waste. Since many raw materials was almost too limited, they have devised ways to add more spices in the broth to a meal together is drowned out unpleasant odors. Over time, this dish is increasingly popular in China, the country has always had winter carved nghiet.O each different regions, people customized ingredients to pot distinctive flavor. However, basically always have a pot of broth stew meat and bones or vegetables, served with many dishes khac.'THE LAU WORLD 'IN CENTRAL QUOCCo total of six main types of hot pot can be found in China . The hot pots are very diverse in flavors and ingredients as often made from the materials of the most characteristic sites usually phuong
Nhieu people think that all Chinese hotpot are all very spicy and hot. However, this is incorrect. Only two kinds of spicy hotpot restaurants and are clearly noted on the Chongqing and Sichuan real XuyenTrung don.Lau Chongqing and Sichuan, which is known as the place with delicious hot pot nực. While Sichuan hotpot usually eat spicy chili oil and beef, pork or lamb, the Chongqing hot pot a little more gently. Hotpot in Chongqing also known as 'hot pot seasoning three' with the meat being macerated care than.Lau North KinhLau in Beijing called 'Mongolian hot pot' because the water used frequently kept in pots copper and eat the lamb. Beijing hot pot broth often mild using two materials are scallions and gung.Diem highlight of this pot is in the sauce made from vinegar nicely, spice leaves Chinese chives, sesame flour, chili oil, leek and vegetable beef mui.Lau ChaoshanNhu name suggests, the main material of this dish is the beef scrumptious eastern region of China. Of beef broth hot pot Chaoshan also quite gentle with beef broth and the meat was san.Lau Square Park DongDoi with seafood lovers, the Cantonese hot pot is a great choice. Seafood is the 'essence' of this pot with fish fillet, fish ball and shrimp served with chicken, tofu and pickled white meat type caiMon rau.Lau eat comes from Northeast China. True to its name, this hot pot is the main component of white meat with sauerkraut eating Chinese-style salt Quoc.Theo Panda! Yoo, people think of ways to preserve processed vegetables during the long winter. So this is a very popular dish throughout the cold months nghiet.Lau sour You ChauKhac engraved with other hot pot, hot pot section of Guizhou broth using the rice water to generate comparable specificity and will become richer while other spices such as garlic, ginger, shallots and shrimp are more vao.Ca two materials is usually eaten with hot pot dishes alongside green vegetables. Itself part soup was very attractive and contains more nutrients to any discerning diners nao.Do An (Synthesis)

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