The Owner Of Hai Phong Hotpot For ‘review Except Debt’ Causes A Fever, A Pleasure Comparing The Opposite Point Of The Shop Owner

The handling of the owner of Hai Phong hotpot for the guest finished eating without the payment is shared with a bustard, receiving the praise from the network community. 'What do I think of anything for anyone, I'm sympathetic,' the owner of the shop is to share.0: 00/4: 22 nam of this region (December 4), the social network shares a 6-minute clip Sharing the cashew '' Eat stroke '' at a hotpot shop in Hai Phong. However, different from the incrance of the female shop owner shop in Thanh Hoa, this restaurant's behavior made many supporters. Games and calling a bottle of wine but then innocently went back, there was no money to pay

. The hotpot '' caught in the battle '' and asked the reason not to pay, then filmed the suggested clip '' taste Special guests '' Review about the hotpot enjoyed at the shop. "The action of his own owners and warm people when he turned around and asked him to review his cafeteria There is a little physical impact or no bad words with this brother, "who shared this story in a comment group. In the clip, the young man has a gentle face sitting and sitting hard to listen to every word Speak of the owner
When asked to feel about the food of the restaurant, the man said: "Oh eat ... delicious ..." Now consider me to hire Mr. Review, Mr. Advertise for the shop, he read away: Today me Eat at 10am in the hotpot shop in Toan .
. ", the secret owner said. After that, he also reminded the 'special guest' 'not to go eat like this: "Going to another shop to be careful, now people remember his face ... but the best he should not do So too. The honesty of the guests and attitude of courtesy, the interest of the owner and received the rain of the compliment of the network community. After learning, know the circumstances of this man extremely difficult, Mr. Truong posted Download this clip so that the sponsors can help. Learn, the owner of the hotpot named Pham Van Truong, 30 years old, is a free trading in Hai Phong.Chared with Infonet, Mr. Truong said: "sentences It happened yesterday morning (December 3). Invoice guests must pay is over 400 thousand. When I heard someone who went to pay, I also appointed to talk. She talks well as a very obedient, the polite, polite, there is no attitude. So I thought it was so that she shared about the shop and turned the clip again. "" Yesterday night, she had a phone for me to transfer the amount of money I said, I didn't lose money. . You're honest, very history, so I have been completely true, "the hotpot owner added." I'm not a charity determination but I see something that happened without a big problem and I tried naturally instinctively, I found anyone to help somewhat help, do nothing high or great. I think what to sympathize with anyone, then sympathize, "said the sharing school.Theo account posted a shared clip, this man named Germany, houses in Hai Phong. 10 years ago, he was a DJ on Hai Duong, was then tricked by a woman so he was psychologically ill, since then the action was not normal but talking very good clean. Around everyone knows and feels. After the incident was widely shared on social networks, there were some old colleagues who actively texted their owners and would like to return the money he had eaten. And all the shops he eats without paying, please contact again. When the story is sharing on the social network, it has received attention from the online community. Also the owner but the behavior of Thanh Hoa fashion shop owner and the owner of Hai Phong hotpot is completely different. It was the civilization, the warmth of the hotpot owner who made the people to praise the praise. - Thank you to the owner of the shop, because of the high way of treating Tha.- See seeing it really Always, and the restaurant owner is very wonderful, after this clip probably the service is not left. Then there are people who are brutally beaten, don't let people go back to! As well as all that behave differently too! Girls fashion shop owner was brutally beaten. The behavior of the boss warm humanity Haiphong guests' dining default on '' different from shop owners dong.Hien 160,000 stolen skirt, his story the bartender behave warm people are still attracted great attention on social networks such hoi.Truoc pm 3/12, community network from tracking coil clip when a girl was beaten, along with offensive words, insults because thieves dress 160 dong.Tham thousand media, fashion shop owners also began her "compensation" 15 to 30 million because the items were taken from the store. Reportedly, the incident occurred at fashion shop Mai Huong, Le Hoan Street address, Lam Son Ward, Thanh Hoa City, Thanh Hoa province. Right in last night, police precinct La

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