The Owner Of The Car Mounted The Led Light To The Level Of Objection

The Ford F-250 pickup is added a lot of LED bars at the top and the car roof, when turned on, it may cause the opposite person to see anything in: 00/1: 18 nam south attached the LED bar Front illumination is not too strange, especially for SUVs or pickups. However, the first-generation Ford F-250 owner in the article has added the ultra-added lamp when not only 1 bar but is a lot. LED lights are terrible on the Ford F-250 image The car is posted on Reddit's Shitty Car_Mods. With the naked eye can count the car installed to 18 long LED bars and at least 34 different types of shorter types. Insert multiple LEDs such, providing energy for lights will be a nightmare for battery Automotive rules, quickly make batteries exhausted

. So to be able to operate, it is possible that the car owner has been equipped with a large battery lights (power source). If the lamp is turned on when going on the road will be a nightmare for people and vehicles for Family observed, the car closed the LED bars at the top and above the roof. With this light, the light creates lights on the stadium rather than a normal car light
If the means, someone who is unfortunate to go opposite when the car is turning on the light may not see anything ahead. Such a lights are also recommended not because very dangerous for these Means, as well as people opposite when use.

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