The Owner Who Bought Cats To Raise, The More Feared Because Suddenly The Pet Turned Into ‘monsters’

Sharing of a younger brother who raises cats on the Reddit site has caused the network of races. Mother just saw it was happy with a world statistics made in 2018, cats were the 2nd aquatic pets in the world with 373 million children, only after a dog was 471 million. This remarkable position shows how much it loved by people and loved by humans. Taking something of something when I don't want to go, with cold and cold cats, don't like to do anything but to compact in the hearts that beat a way, like they are homeowners and us As "Sen" serves for them. But not to understand, with that soft and graceful, the cats still cause their owners to be tired and vulnerable, volunteering "morning" without pronunciation My friend, I'm afraid of being punched by this cat for a result! Related news200 Bird Lao head to the hospital 'suicide', people fear in advance the hypothesis is taken to the ratue, recently, there are 1 person Feeding cats were panicked with his pet and this story was shared up to the famous Reddit forum

. Specifically, not those of the cat's owners, which his brother is also afraid of the animal that has become more and more strange. Then, he said, he bought a cat about farming Pets, but after a while, even though its care and diet remains normal, but this cat has grown in a strange trend. It's not slender, soft as normal cats , but extremely muscles, muscular 1 scary way, making its owner's family startled
Even it looks no different from a 'monster' cat in fantasy movies. The muscular cat is its own brother posted on the Reddit forum. In his post, the boy writes 1 Funny way: "Oh my god, my cat makes me afraid. Everyone or afraid of being scratched right? And I'm afraid of being punched". How long, the post has been as alcohol with a multitude of turns Watching and commenting, most of them are amazing at the special look of the cat. The post is very viral with more than 76k likes with more than 600 comments. A commenter: "just goes to the gym, sitting Rest prevailing a little considered "." I guess this cat will sound like the roar of the engine, "one others wrote." This muscle cat will be a solid place for its owner ", 1 Netizen commented. The man of the cat was scared when she saw a pet with a strange appearance
(Artwork) turned out, this cat was suffering from muscle hypertrophic syndrome (also called super muscle syndrome) related to myostatin protein, causing its muscles to constantly grow and look like 1 Mobby bodybuilding. According to experts, this is an extremely rare syndrome, both in humans and animals in which, myostatin protein is responsible for muscle control is less produced by the body , causing the muscles to constantly grow continuously. A dog has this syndrome. Before, people have ever seen super muscle syndrome on cattle like sheep, cows, dogs ... but It turned out, it also happened in all cats. The boys suffered super muscle syndrome. According to Daily Star

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